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Breaking A Promise

I don't like to break promises.

To me, breaking a promise is along the lines of lying. You tell someone (including yourself) something and make a promise. Living up to that promise fulfills some sort of truth, you did what you said you would do. Thus breaking any promise would equate to lying. You said you would do something and you didn't.

Being that I hold honesty in the highest regard, lying doesn't come naturally for me so I don't do it. When I make a promise and in the end, break it, I struggle with myself over it.

Recently I made a promise. A promise to myself for my health. I have horrible allergies. Medication helps a little to alleviate the symptoms but living in my location with all the sun and pollen and environmental issues (smog anyone??) I have yet to find a routine that completely eliminates the problem.

So I manage the issues with daily allergy medication and I avoid certain things like cats, rolling in grass or eating certain fruits and veggies and running in hot weather. 

I have a race in about a week. I'm running a 10k in the Santa Monica Classic but made a promise to myself as I watch the summer like conditions warm up our days. I promised this would be my last race until Fall, when the weather can ease up and my allergies would take a back seat making it easier for me to run without the wheezing and coughing.

Stupidly, I'm subscribed to a site that posts and promotes races and other activities. And today I saw a 5k in August being promoted. A fun 5k at a water park where you being your run through the park and end it by choosing to wade/run through their Lazy River or take The Walk of Shame.

Now I'm in a conundrum.  I've already set myself to run in a week and be done till about October but now this is coming up and I'd like to participate. August can be particularly hot and miserable so how much good would it be to run in conditions that make breathing harder for me? Would it make the experience worse and thus lessen my enjoyment? Or would it be worth it to sign up, go have fun and chalk it up to experience?

I don't like to break promises. Even promises to myself.

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