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Goal For 2011: March Update

It's been 3 months since the New Year. In that time, I've been working on all my goals and I've even made some new ones

Here are my 2011 goals, rewards along with updates on each

1) Read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's collection of Sherlock Holmes stories. I already have the first volume in a 2 book series that have all the stories collected. 

My reward? Buying the graphic novel versions of A Study In Scarlet and The Hounds of the Baskersville.  Redundant, I know, but I'm a comic book geek and the idea of owning these makes my mouth water. They are beautiful and I have my eyes set on them.

Update: I am 41% through the first book. It's a 700 page book so I say that's pretty decent to have some 290 or so pages read. And it's a good read too! I'm thoroughly impressed at how easy a read and how engaging. PS: I've fallen head over heals with Sherlock Holmes. What a great character!

2) Continue to cook/bake. I conquered my fear and loathing of all that is culinary this past year. I taught myself to cook and bake pretty well. Ask my many fans who have reaped the benefits. I have no measurable goal for this like the first but I don't want to stop working at improving my skills in the kitchen. I guess one marker would be to take at least one class, preferably a basics course on knife skills.

My reward? A professional grade kitchen knife set. I haven't picked one out yet but I'm eying a few sets at Sur La Table. I made my virgin trip to Sur La Table this weekend in Irvine and fell head over heals in love with the store. It was a culinary heaven.

Update: I'm signed up for my Essential Knife Skills course in May with my dad! We're taking the class together and I just can't wait! I've needed the help for a while now so I'm very excited. PS: It's at one of my favorite stores, Sur La Table, so I hope to buy my knife set as a reward through them. 

3) Lose 10 lbs by January 2012. Ok...this is the kicker. I'm setting the bar low and making this a LONG term goal because I'm struggling so badly with my weight-loss goals. I've not met one yet. So, I'm setting up a small goal to be met over a long period of time. This way if I do more than this, I'll have far exceeded my initial goal.

My reward? A spa day followed by a shopping day for some new clothes. I'm horrible at keeping up my clothing. I allow them to fade and fall apart long before I replace them so I end up in frump mode. So I am making it a goal to treat myself to a mommy-free day of massages and clothes shopping.

Update: I'm down 8 lbs. So once I hit that 10 lb marker, I'll treat myself to a spa day and a new outfit but then I'm adjusting the marker and I'll work towards a new goal for January 2012.

New Goals

4) Finish a big quilting project by mid-April. I've been working on this thing for a long time. It's been touch and go due to my hectic schedule and also due to my self-taught quilting style. There are so many things I learned from this process and things I'm still learning that I've signed up for a quilting class to fill in the gaps of my knowledge. So the goal is to finish the quilt (I'm 85% of the way done) before May and then finish the course work for the class I'm taking.

My reward? A quilt fabric shopping spree! There are some great quilting shops in my area that I don't visit because I know I'll go wild! But I'll go in and allow myself a little shopping time to bulk up my stash and treat myself to some purdy fabric!

5) Run the Resolution Run 5k in January in 35 minutes or under. January 2011 I ran this 5k in 41 minutes. A year from now I want to run it again and this time beat my original time. It's going to become my yearly 5k.

My reward? Nothing but the total pride and joy of having improved my running time and my health. another couple of months, I'll re-post the goals and update again!

Feel The Burn

Yesterday I ran. I ran a 10 minute mile and was very proud of myself. It's something I wasn't sure I'd ever accomplish.

After I ran my first mile I did intervals of running/walking to complete a full 3.1 miles in 37.16. A new record!

But, as in the past, I've hit a road block. When I run, cycle or do any kind of intense workout, I suffer from severe heartburn. Yes....the burn I get from a good sweat-it-out exercise is not just calories or muscles, it's heartburn.

And bad enough that I swear when I breathe out, a stream of lava breath will toast the machine I'm on.

It's painful and unfortunate because my run could have been better had I not been suffering.

That means it's time to experiment. 

I'm going to have to see what is causing it and how to stop it because taking Tums while I'm running doesn't seem to be the best option.

After reading up that it's pretty common for a runner/exerciser to feel The Burn while working out, I've got to now see what the cause is.

It happens in both the Body Pump class I take and the running I do. It's happened in cycling class, also.

Last night I didn't eat anything before I hit the treadmill. But in the past I've burned up when I've had something to eat before working out.

My normal pre-workout meal is usually a bowl of cereal, be it rice or wheat flakes of some kind with almond milk. And that's usually about an hour before I start to sweat.

So I may need to start eating 2 hours before working out rather than an hour. And taking an anti-acid before starting might be a good preventative step. It's suggested to try a banana or yogurt before because it's mild and can help ease the acid in the tummy.

Crossing my fingers I find a routine that works. While I don't mind feeling the burn in my thighs and arms as I push myself in my workouts, feeling the burn in my chest is no fun.

Gotta Prioritize

I swear, 24 hours is never enough time to get anything done.

Who honestly can do everything they have on their to-do list in 24 hours?

And let's not forget that even though each day has 24 hours, about 6-8 of those hours are spent passed out in an exhausted pile.

But 24 hours is all we get each day. And like most people, I wake up with the intention to do the most with my 24 hours as I can.

I do feel though, as a single mom doing the double duty of both parents and working full time that I get a little more room to complain about the lack of hours to complete the things I need to do. Still, there never seems to be enough time.

I do have a few tricks in my bag like coffee in the evening to perk up my energy levels or getting as much done as I can during my lunch hour so that my evenings are more open to accomplishing tasks at home. And yet I find that my to-do list grows while my energy droops and nothing seems to get finished.


All of this stress, the daily in and outs plus the weight of projects hanging over my head, causes me to do exactly the opposite of what I need to do: I stop dead in my tracks. I freeze and don't move, as if my stillness will make it all go away. Make it all disappear. Like playing dead.

Or like staying still when a T-Rex is loose in the park so that he can't see your movement....because you know....this is important stuff to know in case of a prehistoric break-out!

The reality is, when my schedule gets so hectic that I'm not finishing things I've started or I have things that need to be done due to a time constraint, I must rearrange my time while I'm awake and reevaluate my priorities. 

Lately, my priorities have been my workout routine and my weight-loss. Well, that's going to be a never ending priority because it's not just about weight-loss it's about a healthier lifestyle for myself. So, keeping this in mind, I know that time off to do the things I have waiting for me at home will not break my cycle. It'll put it on pause, yes, but it doesn't mean I can't come back to it later.

I'm just taking a time-out. Getting things in order at home for the next week. Getting those big projects done and arranging my time accordingly so that my priorities are focused on finishing what I've started and getting things straightened out.

Now this weekend I do have one of my many many weekend activities that I've scheduled for the next couple of months. This weekend is the Safari Park Family Fun Walk 5k in Escondido. So I'm not totally doing nothing. I'm just taking some time off from the gym to get shit done.

I am looking forward to this weekend, though. It's like a mini vacation plus some exercise all rolled into one. And before I go I'm going to put a dent in my poor ignored projects and will put that same effort back into it once I get home.

Unless a T-Rex gets me while in the safari park....

Ode To My Perfect Figure

I've never been a small girl.

Words like willowy, skinny and petite were never used to describe me.

I was always tall, athletic and bubbly, from my pronounced cheek bones and full lips to my bubble butt and thick thighs.

My mom carried with her a copy of my birth certificate when I was 12 to prove that I was a child and not an adult when we went to the movies and they tried to charge her the going adult rate for the show.

I was the tallest of my class, including all the boys, till the 8th grade.

Some tried to shame me into believing I was unhealthy, fat and too big. That in some way I was wrong for being just who I was born to be. In the body I was given.

Luckily for me, I was born with a spit-fire personalty and I was able to defend my curves from a young age. No one could tell me I was fat because I wasn't, I was just healthy. I was thick. I was athletic. 

What those people didn't see was that I was, I am and I always will have a perfect figure for me.

My itty bitty waist that disappears, my round hips great for carrying my child and future children, my stomach that has never been flat and never will be but proudly carries the stretch mark badges of motherhood, my strong thighs and my muscular calves.

I'm healthier today than I was yesterday. I'm stronger today than I was yesterday. And no matter how hard I work or how fit I become, I'll always have my curves.

I'm proud to be curvy. I'm proud to have a bubble butt. 

This is my ode to my perfect hour glass figure.


Edit: I wanted to add this last thought. As I've watched all the comments and received such remarkably positive feedback (you know how wonderful you all are, right??), I want this post to be about loving your own figure and OWNING IT! This post is about my figure which is perfect for me. 

But let's not forget the many other types of figures out there, each one special and unique in their own way. Let this post be more about celebrating our own bodies and being proud that no matter how healthy we get, we will always love what we were born with.

This post, this ad is more than just celebrating fuller figures. It's about owning our bodies and celebrating them.

Cheers to each of us. Let us walk together and inspire!

Shopping Time

I hate to shop. I'd rather order stuff online, try them on, and keep what fits or send back what doesn't.

But sometimes I need clothing sooner than the shipping will allow. So into the stores I go to fight through the racks of jeans and shirts in a battle to find the right fit and style.

I believe that everyone has a Jean Pool. More than one size of jeans that range from your thinner days to the jeans that are a bit on the bigger size to cover the time when you aren't in the fittest of figures. I have one and I'm slowly making my way down to the bottom of my jean pool. Slowly but surely.

And just the other day I realized that it's time to add a new size step to my jean pool. I've officially lost enough to need a smaller size. Though a belt would help to hold up what I have, I unforunately feel frumpy all over due to the bagginess my pants are displaying. 

So at lunch I'm heading out. I have an hour to drive to and from the store in the hopes of at least getting ONE pair of non-frumpy jeans.

Crossing my fingers something fits!


UPDATE: I'm happy to announce that not only did I find a new pair of jeans but that I bought them in a size smaller than I'm wearing currently! WOOOHOOO!

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