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Mile After Mile

In January I started a new tradition. I ran the Resolution Run 5k in San Diego and plan to run it again in 2012.

Since that first race, I've added running to my routine. I run on the treadmill and I run at the beach, jogging stroller and child in tow. I've laid down a good 4.2 miles near our sandy shores and try to log at least 3 miles when I run at the gym.

All this running has boosted my interest in competing in races. 

Where has this come from? I have no clue. I honestly hated running until I realized what it does for me. It lengthens my muscles and gives me endurance. It helps me to maintain my breathing, a long standing issue I've had with asthma. 

But with all that there is a certain sense of accomplishment. A feeling of achievement that I get from crossing a finish that I can't get anywhere else. I don't feel it when I finish a Zumba class or when I find myself using heavier hand weights in my Body Pump class. Though I feel great after those achievements, there is something different about running a race.

2011 is the year of the rabbit. And in honor of that fleet footed creature, I'm running/walking different races throughout the year.

Coming up we have the Safari Park Family Fun Walk 5k in San Diego in March. My friend and I are taking our boys and walking through the park along with other families for 3.1 miles.

The following month my friends and I are running the Irvine Lake Mud Run. It's 4 miles of dirtiness and survival in the mucky mud. And I think we'll be wearing tutus.  

After that is the big dog. The Santa Monica Classic 10k. My sister has me convinced that running a 10k is just a little more than running a 5k. Yeah...a little more meaning only two 5k's back to back.

But I'm determined to make it. To cross that finish line as a testament to all my hard work and my will to be as healthy a "me" as I can be.

I think after I cross that finish line I'll get a new tattoo or something. Humm...I'll need to rethink my goals a bit and add to them or adjust them to include this new one.

Wish me luck!


About Damn Time!

It happened. And about damn time it did.

Last month I gave up on weighing-in and stepping on the scale. I was focused too much on the numbers and not on how I was feeling.

I had been stagnant at a 3lb loss for 4 months. Yeah I saw changes in inches and my stamina and endurance had definitely improved. But, the numbers were NOT budging.

So I shoved my scale under the sink in the garage and I ignored it. 

The first week sucked. I so badly wanted to stand on the scale and stare that the numbers, willing them to change. To drop to what I felt my weight should be.

But I stuck to my plan of running, Body Pump, and dance class with a little cycling thrown in and logged as best I could. Soon I stopped thinking about the scale and found myself not caring.

Today marks my monthly weigh-in and after a weekend of failed jogging attempts and no logging, I figured the numbers would not be in my favor. Diligently, I stepped on and found a surprise. 

In the last month, I've lost 5lbs for a total of 8lbs since September. that's the key for me. Stay away from the scale and just do what feels best. 


Five Years Ago

Five years ago I was pregnant with my first child.

I was single and walking the path of parenthood with the support and love of my family.

It was a scary and beautiful time all rolled into one. A time I will never forget. One that both haunts me and stays with me in my heart.

This was one of the most exciting and terrifying moments in my life. I was about to bring someone new into the world and do it all on my own.

But, in that moment, that day when I stopped worrying and documented the beauty of my belly and my pregnant body, all my fears ceased to exist. 





A week after the pictures were taken, my son was born. A big, healthy, strong baby boy. He had my mouth and a broad chest, long feet and a full head of jet black hair.
It was love at first sight. He was mine and I was his. And though we hit on rough times, I'm always proud to be his mama.
Five years ago I was pregnant. And next weekend, I will officially have a five year old.
How time flies!

Who's Getting A Hot Lunch Today?

I am a single mom.

I do the best I can with what I have. Some times I'm on top of things. Some times, things slide.

Money, however, is not something I let slip. I'm pretty on top of what goes out and comes in. It's my money and since I'm the financially responsible adult in my son's life, I have to stay on top of these things.

The other day I picked up my mail. Mail is one of the things that I let slide. My mail carrier person must *hate* me with a passion because I'll go days without picking up my mail and they have to just stuff it all in there till I finally find my mailbox keys and or remember to actually go out there.

Shuffling through the paperwork, the endless fliers from the neighboring businesses and the catalogs I swear I removed my name from the mailing list of, I find an envelope addressed to the parent(s) of my son. 

Oh, that would be me by the way. Being the only adult in the house, I'm a given.

I struggle with my armful of mail as I slipped my finger under the envelope lip and opened it up. Inside was a pink paper with that month's hot lunch schedule and a note of my account.

Having previously mentioned that I'm pretty on top of my finances, you can imagine my surprise when I saw a balance of $23.75 from my son's school.

$23.75?!?! What the hell???

As I read through the letter, I began to fume. There was a time when Jake did buy a hot lunch without the understanding that he had to have my permission and money in his little account to do so. That day I received a letter home from his school, one that made me cry due to the insinuation that I was a bad parent for sending my child without a lunch, and I remedied the problem quickly with a payment and a stern discussion with Jake about eating his own lunch that I send him to school with.

So seeing a balance that was MUCH bigger than the one lunch bought in the past made me think two things. A) They never applied my first payment and had dinged me with extra fees and charges for being overdue or B) Someone was buying lunches on my son's account and no one was taking care to inform me of a possible problem.

I stormed into the house, cursing under my breath as my son asked me what was wrong and why I was mad. I told him loudly, "I have to make some calls. I'll be right back" and I made my way to the quiet of my room to let the nutritional management services office have a piece of my mind.

Unfortunately, all my fuming went to waste as I sat waiting for the slight BEEP of the voice-mail. Their office was closed and all I could do was leave a message containing the numbers of the checks I had used to pay the original balance and all the other details in a rather upset voice.

I sighed and hung up, unsettled. What was going on? My son went to school, Iron Man lunch bag in hand and would come home with nothing left. He ate his apples, his sandwiches, his meatballs and his pastas. He ate his fruit leathers and applesauce cups and his pistachios and drank his juice boxes.

Then I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask him if by chance he was ordering hot lunches. I snorted to myself. Nah, he wouldn't do that! Not after I talked to him about it last time and when I'm sending lunches with him....or would he?

I called him up to the room and looked at his little face, all full of mischievous thoughts and giggles. He's my mini me, so much alike in our looks, our behaviors and our personalities. I studied my little monster and then asked if he had been getting hot lunches at school.

His face change ever so slightly and his eyes turned to the ground. He kicked at the beige carpet and slowly nodded.

Gulp....oh my. My son, the apple of my eye has been double dipping! Eating his own lunch (or giving some of it away) as his snack, he then orders a hot lunch without informing me....

And now the panic sets in. I have a $23.75 bill I need to cover. I've just left a rather heated message on his school's lunch system voice-mail and I need to converse with his school about them allowing him to order when they've been notified that he's a Home Lunch student.

In the end, the bill totaled $33.25 (and in his private school system that's only 7 lunches worth....see why I was freakin' out?), the lady in the front office apologized and informed me it wouldn't happen again, and Jake was promised bigger lunches to make up for his growing hunger if he swore he'd NEVER EVER EVER buy a hot lunch again.


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