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I was doing so good.

I was seeing results, feeling fitter.

I was happy, all my work was starting to pay off and I wasn't resenting all that I was doing to make it happen.

The hours of working out, the planning, the logging and the constant attention to my eating details. All of it was working and I was good.

Then the holidays came and I set myself up with a plan to make it through. 

It worked....till Saturday came.

On Saturday we went out to celebrate my 30th birthday. A big milestone birthday I had been dreading. The plans were to celebrate with dinner at a teppanyaki restaurant then send the munchkin home with the grandparents while we headed out into the cold November night to a swanky bowling lounge.

I didn't plan on my siblings and friends making a detour to a seedy dive bar. A very seedy dive bar.

That's when my plans got derailed. With shots.

I don't remember much of the night. I know we had fun, I know we drank a lot and took LOTS of pictures.

Sadly, all that fun wore me down and my body is just feeling blah. Might be a little of a hang over left, might be a bit of a cat allergy hanging on from Friday night. Or I might have over done it and now I have a cold.

Either way I didn't make it through the weekend without seeing my numbers shift. And not in a good happy way. Logically, I know it's not real weight. It's salt and water. But it's still defeating to see.

Welp, back on the wagon.


Throwing a Tantrum

I've lost a total of 3.5 inches off my waist.

My hips have lost an inch.

But my weight won't budge.

I can see the difference. I've noted my chest and upper body look slimmer.

But my weight won't budge. 

I know, it shouldn't matter.

But this is my tantrum and I can kick and scream about whatever I want.

So here I am....bitching about the lack of weight loss when I can see things changing.


Ok, all done...


Midnight Munchies

It was dark out and the house was making its settling noises. A creak here and a moan there as the floor boards under the carpet rested and the walls breathed a sigh of relief.

Another day was done and I had managed to test my theory again. I was able to consume all my calories by dinner time leaving me no room at the end of the day to snack or munch on anything.

My theory is, if I do this and even go over a bit to accomodate for my workout burn, then I won't be rushing to eat enough before the day is through. I tend to end up with A LOT of calories to make up for thus leading me to late night meals. I'm hoping that by weighing down my early day time with all my calories I'll see my body burning calories throughout the day, feel more alert and awake, and my body will start to drop the weight.

There is one catch to this theory. Once I'm done eating...well I'm just done. And that leaves all this time before I start snoozing to NOT eat.

And let me tell you, it's HARD not to reach for popcorn or a small snack while I watch my shows or while I visit with a friend. It's hard not to have a glass of wine as I unwind for the night. Instead of wine, I drink water. Instead of a sweet treat, I make myself tea. 

Not that I'd die or anything if I had that last apple or those last carrots to snack on after dinner. It's not going to kill me but it wouldn't help in testing this theory of mine. 

So I'm being diligent. I'm sticking to my plan. I've already scheduled an evening off this weekend where I'll log through lunch, exercise and keep my calories low because in the evening I'm having dinner with some friends. I plan on having a good time without stressing myself out over calories and logging and whatnot.

Sigh...I hope this becomes routine because right now it feels like work. Like HARD work. And I don't like having to work so hard when there are easier options. I'll keep kickin' though.




Testing A New Theory

I have a theory. A theory I am currently testing.

Before yesterday, my food logs were good. Balanced wity healthy choices (for the most part) and complete. 

And yet, with this and exercise, I seem to be hanging onto the weight. I've lost inches but not weight.  And I don't feel any better. I still feel chubby and blah...

So I decided to look at what I'm doing and see if there is any room for improvement and of course, being human, my plans are not perfect. I then decided to start testing out a new idea.

Throughout the day, I drink my water (50 oz or so), I eat breakfast, two snacks and lunch. This is while I'm at work.

After work I head home for dinner and other household duties of a single mom. Once bed time is accomplished for the little monster man and I'm dripping in sweat from my Zumba or Kettlebell session, I now begin the mad rush.

The rush to enter everything and see that HOLY SHIT! I have 1000 calories left over for the day. A large deficit that's NOT healthy. Especially at 9:00pm! And damn it! I have another water bottle (50 oz) of water to down before I drift off.

In the last two hours of my day I'm snacking (on healthy food of course) and downing water like it's a race to survive.

This can't be a good plan. Instead I end up feeling bloated and having to pee many times throughout the night. Not good for the bladder and not good for the sleeping habits.

As of yesterday, when lunch time rolled around, I decided to mix it up. I'd start to consume the majority of my calories at work and I'd actually aim to be a little over my daily allowance after dinner. 


Because, once I'm done with dinner and ready to workout, I'll burn off what is left from the day AND I won't have to cram in a late night feasting session to balance out the deficit I'm left with.

Win, win.

So yesterday, after dinner, I was over by 14 calories (give or take). Then I picked up my Kettlebell and did a 20 minute routine. I was drenched in sweat when I was done and feeling pretty good about my workout.

After logging it, I ended up under my calories for the day! A healthy deficit of about 150 calories! MUCH better than 1000 calories.

So, I headed up stairs to finish my water, shower and do a little quilting. All without the stress of having to have enough snack calories to make up for the HUGE gapping deficit.

I'm trying this again today. 

Now if I could just get myself to sleep earlier.



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