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Weigh-In Update

Today is my official weigh-in day, and I am proud to report that I am down from Tuesday's 140 lbs!!! I dropped down 1.8 LBS to 138.2.

Now the bad news...Although I dropped since Tuesday, I am up .6 LBS since last Friday :-(

I hope this isn't the beginning of a yo-yo trend for me and I can continue to lose from this point.


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cycleholic wrote 74 months ago:
Aaah, the scale. Hide it in a dark place and ignore it's whispers of "Step on me"... ijs

Nice work! Again - hide the scale :-)
FitnessDivaK wrote 74 months ago:
Lol! I know..I really need to. I'm thinking about starting measurements instead. I just got an idea!!! I might challenge myself next month to not weigh myself and only take measurements...just gotta get some body measuring tape...
DterMined2012 wrote 74 months ago:
Congrats on the loss!!!! AND THAT IS WHAT YOU FOCUS ON....U HEAR ME????
vguynes wrote 74 months ago:
Congrats on your loss! Out of the 140's! Hooray For You! Well done! Just keep doing what you are doing, the downward trend will continue!
FitnessDivaK wrote 74 months ago:
Thanks guys!!! And yes, I hear ya DterMined!!! Thanks for the motivation :-)

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