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All Pro's weightlifting programs

I've been asked about my program both here and in the "wetware" world so this blog post is a place to keep the links and outline my modifications.

The user "all pro" at defined a weightlifting program that is now what is often called the Allpro program. It is actually several different routines. The beginner version is a progressive series of standard lifts where each week sees an increase in the number of reps (going from 8 to 12) before raising the working weight.

An excellent thread describing the program and really covering everything:

The All Pro's Program group here on MFP:

Beginner's routine:

Intermediate programs:

There is also an Excel worksheet available. It will help determine the 10-rep max for each exercise and gives an overview on how much one should lift for each day (heavy, medium, light), and for each warm-up for the first three exercises. This worksheet can be found here:

A spreadsheet for the program is available here

Froim the spreadsheet, I've modified it a little to print out a card that gives me my lifts for several weeks - the only thing changing during a 5 week period is the number of reps.   

My modifications

I've replaced standard deadlifts for the SLDL because I find SLDL create more of a tendency for rounding/injury specifically for me. I've added a variety of auxilaries that I try to add once a week, particularly shoulder work.

Testing at 12 reps occurs at weeks 5, 10, 15, etc... If I fail the 2x12 rep for an exercise, I keep the weight for next series of 5 weeks and try to build up again on reps.

I currently focus also on pull-ups, chin-up and hammer pulls as this is an additional personal objective.

When equipement is not available or the gym is too busy, I will have replacement exercises. For example, dumbell front squats will be my "goto" if i can't do barbell squats.

I do at least one warm-up on all of the listed lifts, not just the majors. 


I really enjoy this program but after getting stuck a bit at 12 weeks, I needed to investigate what I was doing. I believe that it's likely that I was not getting enough volume as it is easy to drop off sets on days two or three or miss out. This can be very frustrating - so realigning is essential, especially as lifts will evolve differently.

I am also moving a few of these lifts into mixed range of sets and reps. This means going to a few 5/3 reps ranges in each exercise during each 5 week cycle. I'm also going to work in 8 sets of at least one lift at least a few times in a cycle. Perhaps by adding one two extra weeks in a cycle that contain staggered 8 sets or 5/3 lifts.


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Ophidion wrote 56 months ago:
Nice!!! shall be borrowing these links.I agree about the DL, what are you thoughts on strict legged DL?
metaphoria wrote 56 months ago:
Hoarding info for when I have access to weights... thank you!
opalescence wrote 56 months ago:
right click - save as "Awesome"

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