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Just some progress Pictures (plus i found some fat shots) for my diary



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cowsstealmythong wrote 67 months ago:
Amazing. <3
You looked SO happy after baybay was born. <3
Neeser926 wrote 67 months ago:
Fat or thin you have a beautiful smile! May you always have reason to show it!
Rrrroxy777 wrote 66 months ago:
Over what time period was this? Amazing job btw! You have made an incredible change for the better. Fit and healthy and it shows :)
yolgissalli wrote 66 months ago:
**wooowwww u look great i dont know u but stil...congrats on all that weight long did it took you..and how did got those amazing results...
Yanicka1 wrote 66 months ago:
You look so much younger !!!! Great job.
Lyndelee wrote 66 months ago:
You look fantastic!! I'm so sending you a friend request!
MelBristol wrote 66 months ago:
Wow you're like a different person! What a transformation! I'm adding you too! Hopefully one day next spring I will have pictures similar to yours!
glahlstedt wrote 66 months ago:
lillauraseymour wrote 64 months ago:
Amazing job!!!
glitter67 wrote 64 months ago:
Your inspiring :)
Elise_healthy4life wrote 62 months ago:
Hi everyone just putting a shout out about a lovely lady Melaine Bowen she is working on an article about clean eating and exercise and how it can help fight cancer

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