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Chocolate Carob Chip Protein Bread pudding..made with Cauliflower

 Modified from 
 All Whites - liquid egg whites - 1 cup
 Bob's Red Mill Coconut Flour - 3 T
 Sun Warrior - Protein Powder - Chocolate, 1 scoop (21g)
 Nunaturals Vanilla Stevia Drops to taste
 McCormick's Imitation Butter Extract - 1 t
 Hershey's Unsweetened Cocoa - 2 T
 Sunspire Unsweetened Carob Chips - 2 T
 Earthbound Farm - Organic Cauliflower, steamed - 300g 
 I know the cauliflower sounds crazy, but it's really very good.  Steam the cauliflower and blend all ingredients together except the  carob chips, add them after you blend.  Put batter in 6 slot muffin  tin and  bake at 320 degrees for 16 mins or until toothpick comes  out clean.  On proteinpow she made 3 larger ones which upped
 the protein.  She also didn't use carob chips, cocoa or butter  extract and she used vanilla protein powder and less of it.
 Makes 6 servings. Calories: 84. Fat: 2g. Carbs 9g. Protein 9g  and  Fiber 4g 

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