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Fast & Furious: How to Get Skinny (for the Ladies)

If you want to get skinny fast, do yourself a favor and don't starve yourself. It's unhealthy. Instead, join a program which is tailored for women.

I'm not a member of that site, considering that I'm a guy, but speaking to women on different message board forums, they tell me it's working for them. And I had to ask them if it required that they starve themselves for the sake losing weight. Fortunately that answer was a big fat NO. I hate seeing women starve themselves and putting their health at risk. It's not worth it.

From what I understand of the program is that it is specifically for women and it focuses on the hormone known as leptin. Leptin basically tells your body when it's full. So if you manage your leptin level, you can manage your weight.

The same women also told me it doesn't really require going to the gym. I'm a gym guy myself, but I can totally understand some people not wanting to go to the gym. You can do many of the exercises at home with just a few weights.

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