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I Went Shopping Today!!

And I didn't spend a dime. :)

This afternoon, I drove over to my rented storage unit and pulled out bin upon bin of my clothes. I packed away a lot of my summer things and went through my fall/winter things. I went through 4 large bins of clothes and emptied 2. I went through each garment to see if it was still in fashion and if it wasnt too big. If it looked too big, I put it in a bag for donation to the AmVets. If I thought I could wear it, it went in another bag to be taken home. I was there for 2 hours and when I started to get burned out a bit, I packed the clothes I had chosen for possible use,  grabbed a third bin, put them all in my car and headed home for inspection later.

So this evening, I pulled each garment out and tried it on. Some things fit...some were too small, some were too big. Again, too big were put aside for donation. Things that fit were hung up and things too small were put in another bag to go in my closet for later in the year when I SHOULD be able to fit into them. I found FOUR bathing suits ...2 with the tags still on that I never wore because they were too small. Tried on lots of tops that were too tight on me before that now fit great....again, some with the tags still on! Then I opened the bin I brought home and started going through that.

It became quickly apperant that the clothes in this bin were things I bought when I was MARRIED! They have been packed away for 14 years! It was like a trip down memory lane. :D I found a t-shirt I bought on a vacay with my ex and kids and a South Park t-shirt! I also found THREE pair of blue jeans and one pair of white jeans from Aeropostale...all size 13/14. I guess I bought them when I thought I was going to lose weight one time. The tags were still on all the jeans...I had never worn them. I found a couple sundresses with the tags on, too. I should be able to wear them next summer. But here I thought I was going to have to buy jeans...not anymore. I did my shopping in my own clothes. It was like a free shopping spree!!

So.....are you really committed? If so,  here is a challenge for you. Go through your clothes and donate of all the ones that are too big for you. Dont keep them because you think you will need them. If you are truly committed to your weight loss, you wont. Dont tempt! And if you have several sizes of clothes in storage, go shopping like me. You may see some things you have totally forgotten about that will fit or almost fit. I had SO much fun with my at-home shopping can too! :)


Ok....admit it. There have been times when you have looked at someone else's ticker that said 75 pounds lost....100 pounds lost...or even more, and been just a BIT green. I freely confess to feeling that. 

When I first came here,  I really liked the ticker idea and couldn't wait to try it out. I didn't care that it said 0 pounds lost. I wanted to be a part of everything here. So for that first week, I joined in on conversations and saw the tickers of people that had already lost weight and thought to myself, "That's going to be ME soon!" And I was happy and eager.

A week went by and I anxiously got on the scale, ready to record my first weight loss and see that ticker change. I looked down at the number change.

I was confused. What did I do wrong? I was counting my calories, exercising. I always lost a lot of weight that first week in the past. What's going on?

Well I thought about it and realized that I was counting calories, but nothng else. And I knew that I not only had to adjust my carbs for weight loss....I had to do it for the diabetes. So I started over from scratch and changed my diet. And my second week began.

And all the while that ticker sat there staring back at me....taunting me...laughing....,"HA,ha! You didn't lose any, na, na, na, naaaaaaah!"

I admit I was a little everyone was investigating MY ticker and seeing no change and laughing right along. Yeah..pretty silly. But thats the way my jealously was going. And the tickers of others proudly displaying their success wasn't quite as motivating as it had been the week before. But I took it...I let that ticker sit there with that big, fat ZERO and held my head up high.  

I had chosen Thursday to weigh myself the week before and I decided to change that to Monday's like a lot of other people. So that meant I had to wait 4 extra days to weigh the next time. And that ZERO would be staring me in the face for another FOUR DAYS!

To try get myself psyched up for my future success,  I went to the success stories board and looked at the before and after photos of people who had either reached their goal or were close. But all I did was say to myself, "WHY didn't I start this 6 months ago? Why did I wait? I could have been halfway to my goal by now instead of just starrting out?". I got mad at myself. And I was jealous. But I still congratulated those people because, God knows, they deseved it!

That Monday I nervously got on the scale...and I looked down. And I was down 5 pounds! :) And I put that loss in my diary and I hit the button and my ticker wasn't sticking its tongue out at me anymore. I was on my way...I felt like I finally belonged.

And I kept congratulating all those people, and all the people that friended me, for each little success. I have encouraged and supported as many as I can because that's what you do. You want to succeed but you want EVERYONE to succeed, because, ultimately, their success is yours as well. 

The day will come when that little icon on our tickers will be all the way to the right at goal....and you and I will put OUR stories on that success board and show someone just starting out that there IS hope....that one of the reasons we got where we are is due to the people that supported us along the way. If they are a LITTLE jealous, be understanding. It will take them some time to realize that success can be contagious...and they are just beginning to catch it. :)

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