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Supreme 90 Day Workout and Eating guide

I've been doing the Supreme 90 Day workouts for a week now. They kick my ass and i sure feel them the next day BUT while i was doing these videos i was just watching what i ate and going on with my day as usual. I didn't think my eating was going to affect how well these videos work considering that i'm a vegetarian and my diet is mostly fruits and veggies. I felt as though i wasn't going to see a change if i dont follow the videos AND the nutrition guide to a T... I would HAVE to look like the hot bod chicks in the videos by the end of this ---> i can only hope, wish me luck!!  


So here i am day one of following the Nutrition Guide. I'm kind of excited considering i've never really tried anything like this but i have a feeling with how breakfast went it'll be amazing if i DIDNT see results in 2 weeks. Just so you get an idea of how the nutrition guide for Supreme 90 is layed out , they give you 2 pages of everything you will need to shop for, they have 30 days worth of everyday EASY meals to prepare and they have a couple recipes in the back that work with the 'clean' eating. Easy enough right?? That's what i've always wanted someone (in this case something) telling me what i need and what to eat EVERYDAY along with some kick ass workouts that really make me hurt. It seems too good to be true but I'm going to stay motivated and keep weekly blogs of any differences i see and the way i feel. I plan to take a BEFORE photo tonight( i will wait until the end of the 90 days to post both the BEFORE and AFTER lol ) . 

Since i have already started the videos i'm going to continue with where i am on those, I dont think that it would matter if i went back to day one since its 11 DVD's and they just switch every day.. I'm really hoping this works, I think the only thing i'm going to have a hard time with is the feeling of being hungry.. This morning i had 4 hard boild egg white + 1 yolk. mmm MMMM good stuff my friends LOL and at 10am im lucky enough to have 12 raw almonds and a apple. The daily meal plans are basically 5-6 small (and when they say small they mean Small) meals  a day with no artificial sweeteners. I'll be following this to the point were i'll be eating chicken dispite being a vegetarian for 2 years. I still refuse to eat beef tenderloin or anything other then the boiled chicken.

 "If you fail to plan... you plan to fail" --> supreme 90 day workout :)

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Anonymous wrote 52 months ago:
Hey I am starting the program again and i seem to have lost the nutrition guide. If you could be so nice to e-mail a copy to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Branscott1428@yahoo.con
Anonymous wrote 49 months ago:
Hello Britney I too have lost my meal plan guide if you can so graciously give me a site where I can download the meal plan or email it to me, It will be appreciated much I've been looking everywhere for it thank you in advance
Anonymous wrote 48 months ago:
I am starting the program but am missing the meal plan hat corresponds with the workout. Please email it to me
Anonymous wrote 44 months ago:
Hi I'm starting over again but I'm missing th nutrition guide if anyone has one please email me a copy as well. Thanks!
Anonymous wrote 38 months ago:
Hello, I have been on the program for the last 3 weeks, but i lost my meal plan. I decided to use one i found on and it seems to work well too, i would be forever greatfull if you could email me a copy of the meal plan. I would really appreciate it.
Anonymous wrote 37 months ago:

There is a copy here.
Anonymous wrote 13 months ago:
I have been using the diet and like it. We're going to be traveling the next two weeks and this diet is difficult to use on a plane, or in a hotel. What are the best items to replace that are more portable?

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