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Crater Lake Trail: Day 6

My Walk

Date:             Saturday, December 18, 2021 (Today)
Trail:              Crater Lake Trail
Distance:       5,533 steps (2.3 miles)
Position:        11.5 – 13.8 miles
Crater Lake Trail
Done: 13.8 mi / 33,197 steps
To-Do: 22.2 mi / 53,404 steps
Overall, 13.80 of 36.00 mile, 38% done
Stage 3 of 5: 0.30 of 7.50 miles, 4% done
Stage 3: To Mount Cloudtop
Done: 0.3 mi / 721 steps
To-Do: 7.2 mi / 17,320 steps
I'm resuming a walk I started a while ago. I thought I would get back to it! It's over at the Walking 4 Fun website, if you want to do a virtual walk there.
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