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Got through a Sick Week with Progress

Hitting a milestone this week was a nice surprise! I was sick for several days, and was prepared for that to have messed with things in some way. I did keep eating on plan and exercising, and I kicked things up over the weekend, and -- hurray! -- I ended the week down. 

I started to look forward on this set of milestones. It's exciting to look at the next one andf imagine getting there -- 50 pounds lost. But then if I keep looking, I get present to how far there is to go -- 80 pounds -- more than many people on MFP have to lose when they start. Hmm, that's not such a happy place to go. 

So now, I will just breathe and be grateful for now. I am healthy and in action and life is good right now. I am making and will keep making choices that move me in the right direction. 


  • Stick to food plan
  • Include a couple of longer overnight fast days
  • Exercise: 45 minutes x 7 -long walks, at least one martial arts class, the spinning/yoga class
  • Bonus activities: keep adding these, as they are fun -- wiifit, qigong, yoga, tai chi -- whatever fits and has me move and have fun!


 Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder

"I'm gonna keep on trying / until I reach my highest ground!" 

Also Don't Stop Til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson (as in, I won't stop til I reach my goal!)



✅ JUNE 30: Break 255. 10% of the way there! Reduced my risk of developing obesity-related diseases! Moved into smaller pants (20s) rather than expanding to fill the 24s I have been wearing. Sorted out closet. Got a lot of decluttering done in the house, too.

✅ JULY 9: Got below 250!  Also got more decluttering of the house done. Upstairs bathroom work is done.

✅ JULY 16: Below 245: 20 pounds down! BMI 41.8 Got my first compliment from someone who could see a difference. I am more flexible than I was a month ago, based on what I can do in the hatha flow yoga series. 

✅ JULY 30: Below 240! 99 pounds to go! More than 20% of the way there! Other goals for the rest of July  - extra martial arts workouts the 2nd and 3rd weeks of the month, more decluttering (maybe the arts shelf). 

✅  AUGUST 6: Below 235: 30 pounds down!


✅  AUGUST 20: Below 232: BMI below 40! No longer Class III Morbidly Obese! 

✅  AUGUST 20: Below 230! I can put on those size 18 jeans but they are tight. I can sit but they are wearable. I might wear them to martial arts class today anyway!

✅  SEPTEMBER 3: 227: 30% of the way there!

✅  SEPTEMBER 3: 225: 40 pounds down!

✅  SEPTEMBER 3: 223: One third of the way there! I wore the size 18 pants out and about, and had someone who does not see my often tell me I am looking "svelte!"(Second non-family compliment!)

✅  SEPTEMBER 10: 220: Because I love getting to another "zero" marker. 

? 215: 50 pounds down! 40% of the way there! 

? 210: Because I love getting to another "zero" marker.  

? 203: BMI below 35! No longer Class II Severly Obese!

? 200: HALFWAY THERE! Can I do this before end of 2018?! Size 16 pants here?

? 195: onederland! 70 pounds down!

? 190: 60% of the way there!

? 185: 80 pounds down!

? 177: 70% of the way there! Size 14 pants here?


? 170: BMI under 30! NO LONGER OBESE! Now overweight rather than obese!

? 165: 100 POUNDS LOST! 80% of the way there! 

? 160: Another number that ends in zero! Yay!

? 152: 90% of the way there! 

? 150: Another number that ends in zero! Yay!

? 145: BMI under 25! Normal not overweight! 

? 140: GOAL - Time for new dobok for martial arts?! 


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