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MyFitnessPal vs. DailyBurn

I have been tracking my diet via DailyBurn for a little more than a year now.  I was impressed with it when I first started.  But just recently I discovered (or re-discovered) MyFitnessPal.  I must say I am sad that I wasted the past year on DailyBurn.  

 Not everything about DailyBurn is a negative.  I do like the pie chart, the range of nutritional goals (rather than a fixed number), and the graphical interface.  However, as I become more familiar with MyFitnessPal, the differences are glaringly obvious.  

DailyBurn's food database is full of junk.  Type in a generic food and you'll get hundreds of entries, sometimes with dramatically different nutritional values.  Some of them enough to make them completely useless.  But when one listing has the food with 1 gram of carbohydrate and another listing has it with 7 grams, that's a discrepency that can't be allowed to stand.  Fruits and vegetables I expect variation, but it's sad when I have the product label in my hand an 1 entry out of 10 matches it correctly.  

The community forums on DailyBurn are sparsely populated.  A post could go unanswered for hours, or days.  And there seem to be only a few regulars who scan the forums to reply, often with incorrect information, spam links, or re-posts of previous comments.  Granted, I like posting there and helping people out.  But if I have a question, I know the 3 people I am going to get an answer from, and usually one of them is incorrect.  

The interaction system between users on Dailyburn is just ridiculous.  Private messages between members can only be viewed by personal email.  When logged into the interface, you can not even retrieve private messages nor is there a notification of one.  Members can post on each other's profiles, but can't "reply" to a post.  You must visit the poster's page and comment separately.  Completely confusing if you are trying to maintain a topic thread.  

However, I am happy with DailyBurn's calorie and nutritional recommendations.  MyFitnessPal initially started me 500 calories lower than DailyBurn, with a carbohydrate recommendation of over 300 grams.  Thankfully MyFitnessPal gives you a much more flexible interface to tailor your values to your personal preferences.  Dailyburn can be altered, but not much.  

But perhaps one of the worst aspects of DailyBurn is their inability or lack of desire to create an application for Android.  They have and have had an iPhone app for ages.  And continue to create new ones.  Still no Android.  Just promises.  

 Last but not least.  DaillyBurn wants you to pay for more features.  Features found on MyFitnessPal for free.  

 I'll be transitioning over completely to MyFitnessPal.  Although I may still search the forums on DailyBurn, because you know, over there I can be the only one to respond to a topic.  :)


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clippershore wrote 81 months ago:
Through all of that, you can be satisfied that you found a site that works better for you. Also that now you have more stalkers. ;)
_Boomerang_ wrote 81 months ago:
The prices they charge for membership is crazy! You and I sound like we had the same experience. The food groups was pretty cool.
kennethmgreen wrote 81 months ago:
There is a surprising lack of good information out there comparing the different diet/fitness sites. I used FatSecret for awhile (only one with a barcode scanner for awhile) and it has its strengths, but not as flexible as MFP, no wall either.

Thanks for posting this. I trust your judgment quite a bit. This is exactly the kind of reviews I was looking for.
melissa_leah wrote 81 months ago:
I switched from daily burn to my fitness pal a few months ago and i like this site a LOT better!
Leeberg_uk wrote 80 months ago:
If dailyburn had have been a single, fair priced, one off payment for the full features, I probably would have paid for it, however that was before I found myfitnesspal!
Myfitnesspal is everything I could of wanted and more, what a fantastic app / website!
Vaanja wrote 79 months ago:
I switched over from DB to MFP yesterday, though I'll admit I still log my food journal on both...the community here seems much friendlier and more active, and much less elitist/fitter than thou.
wellbert wrote 79 months ago:
I also switched. MFP is immensely better for tracking calories and it actually has a community. What small community DB has is riddled with spam posts. DB also has virtually non-existent tech support. (This is what drove me to this site initially.)

I have to give credit where credit is due. The DB way of tracking exercise, especially weight training, is light years ahead of MFP.

But, everything weighed and measured, I'm sticking with MFP.

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