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Now you listen here...

Clearly the message is not coming across clearly, so let me be blunt:

When you eat like crap, don't work out, and sit on your bum in a bikini (no matter how good it looks at the time) you WILL gain weight.

158.2 lbs is what the scale read this morning...I haven't seen that high of a number since January. Yes, I'm aware its at least 2 lbs of sodium/water weight and that it will likely go down this week but thats not the point. The point is I work so hard during the week even building exercise and healthy foods into a work trip only to toss my healthy habits in the lake.

It is time to seriously get everything going smoothly at the same time!

This week I am only focusing on the following things:


  • Eating at my zig-zag calorie goal each day
  • Compleating all work outs on the schedule


Remember...hititng my goal feels way better than any food tastes!

Anytime you want to sit your hiney on the coutch...remember that you NEVER regret doing a work out, only skipping it. Remember how GOOD you feel after a hard run, speedwork, or yoga. Try to convince the hubby to let you sign up for a race soon so that you will have a race goal to keep you  motivated! 

Anytime you put food in your mouth...evaulate if it will help or hurt you in the goal reaching process. Remember what motivates you: the new size 4 jeans, how good you feel when you eat well, sharing jeans with your "skinny" sister.



You can do this just take it one day at a time. 

traveling and excuses

As many of you know, I have been traveling for work this week. I have been in and out of two hotels, two airports, and 8+ hours in a tiny Hundai that vibrated angrily at speeds above 72 mph over the past 3 days. I have been planning for the fitness portion of this trip for weeks with my new P90X/Running Hybrid plan...down to making sure the hotels had adequate fitness facilities. The food aspect was completely out of my control...I'm In Tennissee for goodness sake...a deep-fried, bbq haven that doesnt mesh well with a clean eating vegetarian.

I was SO delighted to discover that my travel buddy, Sally is also a 90% vegetarian so we were set and this is what we ate: (i'm still unsure what a 90% veggie is...)

Monday night- veggie stiry fry @ Wok n Rol (yum even though we were the only coustomers and it was sketchy looking)

Tuesday hotel breakfast of fruit and oatmeal, lunch was veggie subway + ONE cookie, latte for the road, and dinner was YUMMY greek food.

Okay, I MUST elaborate on Tuesday's Dinner. In Downtown, Nashville we ate at Santorini Greek Restaurant on 4th street. The food was SO fresh and yummy plus the staff was very helpful. I ate the falafel salad, baklava, and probably a cup of tzhakik (yum). This food tasted just as good as it did when I was in greece a few summers ago. Okay...Greek food plug done.

 Wednesday (today) I had a waffle for breakfast, a banana, onion/pepper tacos, a twix ice cream bar (okay, not a good choice but it was hot and i needed sugar), a latte, and a fiber bar (diner is TBA for the next stop..Charlotte Airport tonight).

I'm very proud that I stayed at my zig-zag calorie goals and made the best choices I could. I drink TONS of water...literally our backseat floor of the Hyundai was covered in Liter Dasini water bottles...tehe!

I'm most proud that despite being EXHAUTED from driving, travleing, and working I got up to exercise Mon, Tues, and Wed!!! Mon was chest and back, tues was a tempo run, and wed was legs and back. I did ab ripper on Mon and Wed. I'm a beast.


Okay plane is you all!


Cant wait to be home!!!




yup, that is my new size!!!



When i started MFP in April 2010 I was a size 14. Actually, probably higher but I refused to purchase anything larger. I have always been the "big" kid. Back in elementary school basketball league my t-shirts were a size large and they were tight. I was always the last person selected for kick ball teams and i cheated in presedential fitness tests becuase I was so much less in shape than my peers.

In high school I was in orchestera by default since I couldn't make it on to the school's sports teams due to my lack of athleticism. I was a size 10-14 in high school.

In college i started to try and get healthy but never really knew how and stayed in the 10-14 size range.

I've come such a long way since back then. I know how to eat healthy and lose weight in a reasonable and safe manner. I now really know how to exercise and rather than spending hours at a gym, I do the minimum necessiary to get the results I want.

I am writing this for all of you who *think* you can never be size "X." I too, used to think I'd never get less than an 8. Getting into single digit sizes was an acomplishment for me. But a size 4!?!?!? I still cant wrap my brain around this.


Bottom line: NEVER stop trying, you WILL get there in time. 

Day 5 of P90X/ Running Hybrid

Scale on monday: 157.4 lbs

Scale today (Friday): 155.2 lbs

That is a loss of 2.2 lbs this week! Now, MFP wont register that since my lowest logged weight is 153.0 on April 1 after a very dehydrating run, BUT I WILL log a loss very soon. 152.something, I'm coming for YOU!

I'm just going to keep up my hard work and healthy choices and not eff it up this weekend. Yes i had a great time last weekend stuffing my face at the lake and drinking lots of jack & coke but could i have had just as much fun with out the booze/bad food? YES! So I will not do that again. I have a long run, yoga, kenpo, and golf planned for this weekend. Seriously, 152.something, watch out! 

All work outs for this week have been compleated! Yesterday's run was done on the Trails rather than around the park so I bruned more calories than planned. I also must say I'm very proud of my hubby. I had my doubts that he would even make it this far in this program, granted he isn't really doing it for any other reason than to get me to stop bugging him about it. Four consecutive days is the longest streak he has had since he played football in high school! Monday he didn't do the ab work out, but neither did I due to the sun burn and Tuesday's run was cut a smidge short due to defensive driving class going till 9:30 pm, but we have made up for both of those work outs on Wednesday and Thursday. It will be interesting to see how long he makes it. Regardless, I'm making it to 90/90! I can already feel a difference in my arms and legs as well as the definition in my abs...cannot wait till day 30 when I can post some progress pictures. Because, really, blogs with out pictures are just no fun!  

Goals for this weekend: 

  • Stick to zig-zag eating plan
  • No alcohol (water, water, water)
  • Work outs: long run (8 miles), yoga, golf, and kempo
Next week is travel for work on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but I will not use this as an excuse. Both hotels I'm staying at have nice fitness rooms and I will keep up my schedule!


Have a wonderful Friday yall!! 


Day 3 of P90X/ Running Hybrid

It's Day 3 and so far I'm bringing it for this hybrid! 3 for 3 with 87 to go!

Monday: work out complete

Tuesday: (flip flopped with Thursday's work out since I had defensive driving). complete

Wednesday: Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X to be compleated after work. 

My starting weight was 157.4. I decided to start with this since this is what the scale said and doesn't matter what I was last week. I had a relaxed weekend at the lake and it showed up on the scale therefore it will be recorded. I'm doing great with my calorie zig-zagging and the scale is going down...down...down! I won't post my weight until Friday and I will post it regardless of what it is. (Hey, BETTA cooperate...or else!)

Shoe Update: I purchased the Asics Gel- DS Sky Speed lightweight neutral trainers on Monday. They went out for their first run yesterday with much success. The shoe is a size 11 (oh my god! and to think my dress shoe size has SHRUNK with the weight loss) and is much different than my other shoes. Previously, I had worn the Mizuno Wave Creations (11 and 12...I have three different pairs of these in both versions in my closet). These shoes were appropiate when I was running at 180 lbs, but now they aren't the right shoe, hence the shift to a light weight less structured shoe. I also have Vibrams that I wear for shorter distances. Both of my current shoes that I will run in allow my body to support itself primarily rather than the SHOE supporting me. Since running in the Vibrams my knee pain has significantly reduced. I look forward to logging many miles in my new shoes! I also look forward to hitting 150 on the scale so I can go out and get a matching sports bra as a reward!



I haven't used the weighted gloves yet for Kempo but I will also provide an update when I do on Thursday.

So for the rest of the week I will...


  • Get 8 hours of sleep each night
  • Take a bubble bath this week
  • Complete the rest of my work outs and REALLY bring it
  • Drink agua! 


Happy Hump Day, yall! Make good choices the rest of the week! 

Day 1 of P90X + Running Hybrid

Today is Day 1 of the P90X/Running Hybrid. The scheduled work out was Chest & Back plus Ab Ripper X. I completed Chest & Back this morning at the gym and will do Ab Ripper X before bed. I did all of the push ups on my knees and used 100 lbs on the assisted pull up/dip machine. My reps were between 12 and 15 depending on the exercise. By the end of these 90 days I want to be on my toes and with minimal assistance on the machine! I also need to work on not flaring my elbows out during the military pushups like I do in yoga.

I will take my before pictures and measurementns tonight (after defensive driving...blah) but I probably won't post them until I have something to compare them too like day 30 or so.

I went crazy this weekend (with graduation to blame) and my "starting weight" for this program is a bit higher than usual (I also didn't go "#2" before stepping on the scale...) at 157.4 lbs. I bet this goes down about 2 lbs by tomorrow and I may use that since its more realistic. I've been steady at 153 all last week.

With this zig-zagging calorie plan, I know I will need to increase my calories but I'm not quite sure how many I'll burn from the new routine. It seems my watch is off or I've suddenly gotten in amazing shape because my calorie burns aren't that high and my heart rate wont go above 185 even during sprints. So this week will kind of be an experiment to see how the calories fit in with my hunger level. I'm going with my HRM, though the burns are suddenly less than before. 

Now for those who have been reading on the zig-zagging saga, I have done an experiment. I set up my calories two ways one where I ADD exercise (like the MFP way) to a base activity level of zig-zag calories and one where calculates my calories that include exercise....guess what ... they are with in 74 calories of each other for the week! The " 3x/week" column when exercise is added is comparable to to the " every day" column. The "3x week" is the base level activity setting I selected because I walk during lunch and during the day; in other words, the "no activity (desk job)" setting is just too low for me.



My approximate burns from my HRM are in the 3rd column so I will eat the " 3x/week" calories + "Exercise" calories. This keeps me zig-zagging and keeps my net calories above 1200 (when I had the no activity setting I was below 1200 net every day...this is NO BUENO so I knew the setting was too low). I'll keep yall updated on this during the week. 

I'm looking forward to Day 2 consisting of a kenpo and speedwork two-a-day tomorrow!!! I'm going to pick up new running shoes and weighted gloves during lunch to take tomorrow's work out to the next level (thanks to graduation money!).


 Happy Monday!



How to Calculate YOUR Zig-Zag Calories

This is a more technical follow up to my previous blog  


1 Go to:Google Documents  

to open the google spreadsheet. Download this file and save it to your personal computer. I did it at work so there are no viruses there :-)

2. Follow the instructions on the spreadhsheet. The only cells YOU change are shaded in green.

3. Message me if you have further questions.



Eating back exercise calories: YES, you are eating them back, BUT since ALREADY INCLUDES them you will not eat additional calories than what is in the second column on the spreadsheet. 

If you choose to set up your zig-zagging with NO exercise built in, when you exercise, try to plan rest days on low calorie days and the higest calorie day on your highest calorie burn day. Also, try to keep the medium, high, medium, low pattern...

If you do not exercise, you can still use this plan, just set it up that way and ingore the third column.

You want to make sure column D (the 4th column) doesnt drop too low. On my example, there were two of these days and generally I eat more on those days to compensate but it really depends on my actual calorie burn on that day.

Also, on, you want to use the "fat loss" column for reasons very well explained in the text below the calculator on that site. 

I've been swampped so I apologize if I haven't responded to you in a timely maner. But as of the post of this blog, I had responded to everyone (so if i missed you, I'm SO sorry and please re-message me your question!)


My Progress:

I'm down 5 lbs since starting this on April 23rd. (awesome since from jan-april 22nd i'd only lost 4 lbs). I LOVE the flexibility and how much energy I have. My actual weight is still right at 153.0 so I'm waiting until its consecutively less than that before logging a loss...i dont want any faux-losses like last time! 

Love you all,






P90X + Running Hybrid Begins 5.16.11

I have had this plan devised since mid- April and I couldn't be more excited to start it on Monday. Yes, I'm probably crazy for not including any rest days other than Yoga X and Easy 3 mile Runs, but I need to amp up my work outs to reach my final goal that is a measly 13 lbs away. Now, its not really about the pounds, its about pushing myself and toning, but yes getting into the 140's and staying there would be fabulous.

 so, without further adieu, *drumb roll* .... 

May P90X Calendar


Rather than posting a blog every day, I plan to post weekly updates and of course my 30 days progress pictures at Days 1, 30, 60, and 90. Monday be expecting the Day 1 post!

I will not get overwhelmed by this 90 day schedule, but rather I will take it one day at a time. I have even picked hotels with fitness rooms for my work travel that coincides with this plan so that I have ZERO excuses. However, if I miss a work out, I will wake up the next day and bring it.

I also am calorie cycling or zig-zagging and after the first week when I determine average calorie burns, I will adjust my calories to accomodate for the extra exercise. I will continue to update yall on this as far so good; I'm down 5 lbs since I started this on April 23rd and am stedily hovering right at 153 lbs. My protein has been out of whack since I haven't been grocery shopping in a few weeks which is why I'm likely not dropping weight faster.

A few goals for this Hybrid Plan:


  • Bring It each and every work out
  • Complete ALL work outs (90 for 90, baby!)
  • Run the 11 mile runs each faster than the previous
  • Be able to do a pull up in the end with out the chair as a support 
  • Do more real push ups instead of modified push ups


By August 13, 201,1 I hope to have lost 7-10 lbs and to be more lean and toned than I currently am. Once I hit 140 lbs, I get my $500 shopping spree reward!


Ready to Bring It,



NSV, a reward, and yummy muffins

So this WILL be a short blog since I've got to get back to the 50 page paper and studying for finals but I had to share.

Today was my 200th consecutive day of logging into MFP so I decided I'd run and get my hair cut today in celebration of this. As I was getting dressed this morning, I wondered if THOSE itty-bitty nike spandex black shorts fit appropiately to be worn in public for a run. I've had these since high school and have NEVER worn them because I dont like my butt/thighs. "Why did you buy them in the first place?" you ask. Well, I dont have an answer for that other than I've had this vision of me with with long, lean, and muscular runner's legs ever since I was in high school as an Orch-Dork. 

Anyhoo, so i put them on and I thought they looked okay enough so I wore them on a run this morning. (Note, this is huge....this is the first appearence of my back-side on the interent! Please excuse the moving boxes, I'm still not setteled in yet but I LOVE my new bathroom!)



As I'm going along I realize the shorts are balled up in my torso/leg crease and the waist is up near my belly button instead of around my hips....THE ITTY-BITTY NIKE SPANDES SHORTS WERE TOO BIG!!!!! I spend the next 10 min trying to pick them out of my butt but then got over it and finished my run with a huge grin knowing that I need to get SMALLER spandex shorts! LOL.


I got 3 honks from yard crews today.


So I come home to have breakfast after my run. These banana nut muffins are AMAZING. I got the recipe from fitmomaoftwins on here and modified it slightly so my hubby would eat them too:




  • 1 tub of fat free cottage cheese
  • 3 ripe bananas
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 5 scoops of vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 cup of nuts (i used almonds and walnuts)
  • pam
  • 8 teaspoons of sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup plain, dry oatmeal
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Topping: 3 tablespoons water and ~1 cup powdered sugar


  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Spray pam in baking pan or muffin cups.
  • Mix dry ingredients in blender or mixer (vanilla protein powder, oatmeal, sugar, baking soda, cinnamon, and nuts)
  • Put aside in a large mixing bowl.
  • Mix wet ingrediets in a blender (3 eggs, 3 bananas, cottage cheese, vanilla). Add to bowl with dry ingredients
  •  Stir wet and dry ingredeits together than place in muffin cups or a baking pan. Depending on what type of pan determins cooking time. A bread pan takes about 50 minutes, muffin tray takes about 40 minutes. Test with a toothpick/knife in center...if this emerges dry they are done.
  • While cooking, mix the water (preferably chilled) with powdered sugar until it is a thick consistiency. Start with less water if in doubt. Drizzle over bread/muffins once they have cooled to the touch.



Makes 14 muffins each at 180 calories, 20 carbs, 4 fat, 15 protein, 256 sodium.


After breakfast, I got my hair cut...






And then I studied all day long (no fun pictures involved for this *EDIT- here is my dog, Cali being bored while I study)



Okay, back to studying (only 2 more weeks till graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!)







My *Positive* Experience with Calorie Zig-Zagging

I have gotten TONS of messages and questions about calorie cycling since RAVING over it this past week. So to answer everyone's questions (hopefully), I will 'splain here...

Some background on me: I'm 24 F 5' 7" and 153.6 lbs as of this morning. I started MFP last April at 184 lbs and have lost 32 since then. My lowest recorded weight was 153.0 lbs on April 1 after a long run so I was dehydrated (shouldn't have logged it, really. I was desprate for a loss and *thought* I had broken THAT plateau by upping my calories...i didnt but that blog has already been written.) Anyhoo, back to the present topic, So for the entire month of April my weight had been between 154 and 158 lbs, usually the higher side on Monday and the lower side by Thursday/Friday. I'm a great planner of food/exercise during the week but weekends are unpredictable and busy and its tough to eat well.

Here is my daily weight chart:



Now, this calorie cycling bit started unintentionally on Easter weekend because I had tons of crap going on. Saturday was moving day and half marathon day so I burned TONS of calories and all my food was packed away so I NETTED (Food - Exerecise = Net) 745 calories for the day. Sunday was easter and therefore was a carb fest at 1567 Net calories. I weghened in that following Monday to a pleasant 154.2 which was unusual since Mondays usually were 157-159 lbs. I thought, "Hum, this is lovely...maybe there is something to this."

Last week became experiment week:


The red numbers mean that my "calories remaining" number on MFP was over my daily allotment of 1350 calories i.e. for April 25th, MPF showed - (red) 256 calories.

I finally step on the scale this morning seriously thinking I'd see something 156, but NO! 153.6 lbs...on a MONDAY! This is amazing! I will continue to keep yall posted since it really only has been a week but I'm down 0.6 lbs since last monday, and 4 lbs since the previous Monday that I recorded weight. Again, these numbers are HUGE since I've only lost 4 lbs TOTAL since January before this calorie cycle thing started! 

Now, for those who are interested in doing calorie cycling for themselves, I'll explain how I set mine up.

1. Go to  and enter in your age, current weight,  gender and exercise level. If you are unsure of  your exercise level, go to MFP's reports and look under exercise calories burned and see how many times a week you exercise on average. I put I exercise 5 times a week. It is important to fill this out correctly since the calculator will give you TOTAL calories (food PLUS exercise) for the week. Click on the zig-zag option. My numbers look like this: 



2. Now take a look at YOUR weekly routine. You will want your daily total calories and exercise days to mesh. Specifically, your hardest work out day should be the day with the highest calroie burn so it doesnt feel like you are eating so much. You want to keep the total calories in a pattern that is simialr to low, medium, high, medium, low... So for me, I swapped monday and tuesday since Mondays are usually my rest days and Tuesdays I burn more calories. This is the part you can play with and see what works. Its great how on the weekends I have high and medium days to accomodate my normal weekend eating. 

Now some more clarification on the calories. The numbers that give are TOTAL calories, meaning it is what you put in your mouth and does NOT subtract out exercise like MFP does. This number should match similarly to the "Totals" entry on your daily food log. Yes, this means you MUST eat back your exercise calories with in the limits of your daily calorie number. Now, the red numbers on my above table with calories eaten show days where MFP said I was "in the red," meaning I had eaten over my daily limit of 1370 calories NET (settings at losing 1 lb/week) AND had not exercised enough to allow it. THIS IS OKAY. The goal is to have the weekly number of calories to be near your MAINTINANCE calories. 

Now I must comment on the thought of eating 2076 calories on my highest day of the week. I really thought this would be hard since I was SO used to eating 1370 calories + exercise and no more, but it really wansn't too diffuclt. If you just plan your day and space out your meals and snacks on a day where you have a high calorie burn its do-able. I have SO much energy this week and am definitely enjoying the extra calories. Of course, I'm eating healthy, clean foods as usual and not sodas or fast food so the caloires are good. I did through in a glass of wine here or there that I normally couln't afford so its very nice to have some wiggle room!  

One last general comment...the only difference between and MFP is that FD INCLUDES exercise in those numbers so you dont eat extra exercise calories back since they are already included; MFP has you ADD IN MANUALLY exercise so you MUST eat those back. Both sites have you eating exercise calories back...its just a different way of displaying the info. This is also why the weekly totals at FD and MFP differ; because one includes exercise calories burned and one doesnt until YOU added em in!

I hope this answers everyone's questions, but please message me if I haven't. I promise I will keep yall posted and I cannot wait to log a legit loss this week!  I also promise NEVER to log a weight on here after a run when I am dehydrated lol.








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