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About Those Goals...

It lasted about a week, maybe a week and a half. And then my usual habits got the better of me and my eating went to crap. Of my 3 goals that I set out for myself, I've be OK on one of them, half-assed one, and definitely have made zero progress on the last one. So.... what is wrong with me now?

Goal 1 - Get running again so I can run for a mile

Well, I have been running at the gym as a warm up to my New Rules workouts, so that's not terrible. I've done intervals of 1/4 mile walk, 1/4 run for a mile. I can go the full 1/4 mile, I just need to start increasing that distance gradually. It's not a bad start, I just got lazy and haven't pushed myself at all past 1/4 mile.

Goal 2-  Lost 20 pounds at a pound a week. 

That one was going well for the first week, and then it's totally a wreck after that. I'm definitely not down a few pounds. If anything, I'm up a few pounds because I've eaten out so much over the last week. i realized I did awesome when Randy was in Utah for a conference for a few days, but my sister visiting, Randy returning, happy hours, etc and now I'm right back where I was at the beginning of the month (and then some). I'm clearly giving this 50%, because I'm great a few days a week and then the rest I just throw it away. 

I think part of the issue is that I try to keep up with Randy, when he's clearly able to eat more than me (and worse than me) without becoming a cow. I need to stop serving myself the same sized portions and I need to insist more that we cook our own food instead of defaulting to going out. That way I can at least control what I'm eating. When we do go out, I need to stop just ordering what looks good. I do it WAY too often and there's no reason for it. Once in a while, sure. But every time? No.

Goal 3 - Restart New Rules of Lifting for Women

This one I have managed to do, although with less workouts that I planned. I wanted to do 3 a week. I've done 2 I think (maybe one week had 3). So that's not bad. I am starting to build some upper body strength again and I like doing the weights. I even throw in an extra set or two of something different to add to it and make the workout a little longer. So at least there's one positive. BUT I can't exercise away my crappy eating (and drinking), so this is only going to be moderately effective without fixing the rest of my problems.

I have to wear jeans again, and pants, and things that aren't pretty flowy dresses that hide what I want to hide. I don't want to keep going like this, but at the same time I'm being so FREAKING lazy that I piss myself off. I kind of wish I could slap myself back into the motivation and self control that I had before. I'm actually getting really pissed off right now just thinking about it. I'm nearly back to where I started when I found MFP (still 20 pounds off from my max, but that's WAY TO EFFING CLOSE!). 

I think I need to do 2 things. Really focus on planning ahead so I don't get myself into situations where I'm making bad choices, and get Randy to help me when I'm with him in terms of eating out and not going crazy on bad food. I'll admit, my willpower is gone when I'm at his place. He doesn't keep the fully stocked healthy kitchen like I do. And I know he wants me to get back to where I was, so at this point, he's just going to have to help me out. Otherwise, it's not going to happen. I just keep thinking that eventually (when the time comes for all this of course), I'm going to have to wear a wedding dress and I refuse to look like a cow in lace. So I better start now. 

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