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Hip Hopping the Pounds Away

It's been a few weeks since I started my new, awesome plan to get back into shape in time for Spring/Summer/bikinis/my clothes that need to fit again ASAP. And I've come to the conclusion that joining my new gym was the best idea I've had in a long time. I'm a "regular" at several classes a week and they are tons of fun! I have my Retro Sculpt on Mondays (complete with awesome 80s music and cardio/strength intervals), Ultimate Conditioning on Tuesdays, and my favorite... Cardio Fusion on Wendesdays! That's the one that was really out of my comfort zone. It's basically a cardio dance class with lots of hip hop elements for an hour.

And let me paint the picture, I'm an awkward nerdy girl with no soul, minimal rhythm and I had to google was twerking was. And apparently I'm not a bad dancer after all! Plus everyone looks as crazy as I do and we don't really care. I find that if you spend too much time worrying about what people might think of the booty shaking, you end up not burning very many calories! So I just go all out. And I am definitely sore after any one of those 3 classes. Throw in my Friday evenings of half cardio/half weight training and I've got a pretty awesome schedule!

I didn't think that something so trivial as changing gyms would help so much, but the fact that I can have my pick of cardio equipment when I walk in the door AND there is TONS of space for weight training, interval training, weight machines, etc  totally makes my night when I get there. They even have a water foundation specifically designed to fill water bottles... GENIUS!

But the most important part... the results! I started the month off as a miserable 184.1 lbs. I haven't seen that number since I started losing weight nearly 4 years ago. Well, after 3 weeks I'm down 3 lbs and I'm quite content with that progress. My clothes are actually starting to fit a bit better now that I'm not as puffy from eating crap. I've been really focusing on eating more natural foods and less carbs. My new favorite thing ever is my Graze snack box! I get it delivered once a week and it comes with 4 pre-packaged healthy snack googies! I put one in my lunch box every day and it seriously takes all my willpower to wait until the afternoon to eat it! Plus since they have over 90 snacks, I won't get sick of the same ones. Anyway, if anyone is interested in signing up, right now the only way to join is to have a friend code. Mine is SARAT99PP and you can use it at

I'm shooting for a goal of being under 180 by the end of January, and I only have a pound to go! We'll see if I can manage to get there, but even if I'm a little off, I'm absolutely moving in the right direction for a change and I'm much more mindful of what I'm eating and how much I'm moving. I have a stack of clothes that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to fit me by March/April, so that's my ultimate goal! 

I'm A Classy Girl

I think I've found the way I'm gonna get myself motivated to lose these 15 extra lbs I've put on over the last year... classes at the gym!!!

I've been going to the same gym for 3 years, it was small, classes were always packed (like you had to call at 12pm the day to even get a pass to get in the door!), and they were boooooooring. So when Crunch Fitness opened a new gym a minute or two away from my old one, I decided to sign up! What a difference! They have a MUCH better class schedule! Plus they vary start times and lengths, with a few classes starting at 6pm, which is perfect for me!

I went to my first one yesterday: Retro Sculpt. It's an aerobic and toning class that uses some light weights to the tune of 80s music, whoot! I'm gonna be sore today! I can already feel the muscle in my butt complaining. I figure if I can get to 3 classes a week, that will be 3 awesome workouts that mix up toning and cardio. Then I can do 1 night a week at the gym on my own. I've definitely realized that I tend to slack off doing workouts by myself, I was more interested in what I was watching on Netflix than working up a good sweat. At my class yesterday, in 45 minutes I had burned 550 calories!!! My average heart rate was in the 170s! Now that's a workout! So, here's my schedule:

Monday: Retro Sculpt at 6pm for 45 minutes
Tuesday: Ultimate Conditioning at 6:30pm for 30 minutes (with a 15-20 minute cardio warmup beforehand on my own).
Wednesday: Cardio Fusion at 6pm for 60 minutes (it's like a dance/aerobic kind of class)
Friday: Kettlebells at 6pm for 60 minutes (this is my backup class if I miss one of the other ones)

There's an awesome Jillian Michaels Body Sculpt class that I really wanted to go to... but it's on Thursdays when I have grad class! Boo! Wrong kind of class, since I sit on my bum for 3 hours straight! After that's over in March, I'll start going to that one and give up the Cardio Fusion since my Spring 2 class is on Wednesdays in the Spring. 

On top of the workouts, I'm aiming to get my food in check. I've started bringing preportioned snacks to work, like a baggie of trail mix. I'm aiming to get more protein and fresh food like veggies and chicken. And I need to stop snacking on crap at night! Last night I had hummus and baby carrots, so snack like that need to get back into my routine.

My goal: be under 180 by the end of the month! Right now I logged in at 184, so that's only a pound a week. I have NOTHING going on in my schedule that would mess me up, like travel or parties or anything. Gotta love January. If I can lose a pound a week, that puts me under 170 by April and my pants and dresses for spring will fit again! Then I have a cushion to get myself in better shape before anyone makes me put on a swimsuit again in June, lol. I'm coming up on the 4th anniversary of starting my journey to lose weight, and I don't want to be heading down a path again to my old self. I didn't like my old self very much, and I started slipping back into that mindset. I need to get things going again and be happy. A new year is a good time to get that going!

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