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Dust Yourself Off and Try Again

Everyone has that moment when they realize a few pounds have crept back on. Maybe a pair of pants that fit last Fall suddenly are snug when you take them out of the Winter clothes bin and try them on. Or the second digit on the scale goes up from a 6 to a 7, revealing that yes, you've put on 10 lbs. Or perhaps our old enemy the muffin top has reared its ugly head (or pooch) again and you find yourself sucking your stomach in all the time.

I've realized all 3 things and I don't like it!

I was a very content 155lbs of muscle back in June, after a few stages of New Rules of Lifting for Women. My size 6 jeans fit well, and I didn't feel like a lump in my bikini at the pool. But as summer progressed, I got to the gym less, I was going out more, and I wasn't making as many good choices with food as I should have. By September I was around 162, and it definitely wasn't more muscle. Then throw in an entire month of traveling in October (both vacations and nearly 2 weeks of business travel) and I've found myself around 170. Who am I kidding... 171. UGH! I only have myself to blame because I've taken trips before and come back with a few pounds of water weight that are gone in a week. Not this time...

And of course I pick the holiday season to start buckling down. It's slightly maddening that I was able to do this all once before without as much difficulty, but relosing weight seems to be harder than losing it in the first place! It's just a mental block of laziness. I don't feel like getting up early to workout on a Saturday. Or I don't want another salad, I'm gonna order a burger. It's EXCUSES!

I can't blame my boyfriend, I don't have to order junkfood when we go out together or snack on stuff when I'm around the apartment. And I can find time to workout if I MAKE TIME for it. You would think that feeling somewhat like a sausage in my clothes would motivate me, but the spark I used to have has fizzled a bit. I need to find it again, and with that my will power. That's what is really lacking in this equation. I can make all the plans I want, but if I don't execute them it's useless. And I've always said I will never be a hermit to lose weight, but there are so many better choices I could be making.

I want to set a few goals so that I keep a solid focus on what I want to achieve. At this point, I'd like to get back into the 150s. That's when my clothe sall fit fine, I was comfortable with my body, and you could see some of the nice muscle I've built up during the year.

1. Study the menu and pick something smart when eating out, not what you're in the mood for. Letting my impulse take over is adding hundreds of calories to a meal when it shouldn't.

2. Stick to my calorie goal and log 100% during the week.

3. Workout at least 4 week days and one weekend day.

4. Start running on the treadmill again. I need to get my cardio up and I'm in my best shape when I can run.

5. Don't reset all my progress during the week by screwing up the weekends. I can't even tell you how often I've done this and it's a TERRIBLE HABIT! It's like everything goes out the window Friday night through Sunday night.

6. Don't make excuses when you aren't at home. I'm gonna be in Jersey from Tuesday-Sunday next week for Thanksgiving. That's not an excuses to eat crap the entire time and not get up and move. I bet the hotel in Philly has a gym that I could go to...


So, now that I've written all this down, I need to stick to it. I would LOVE to look awesome in my New Years Eve dress (whatever it might be, I need to check my closet). I don't want to set 160 as my goal for New Years, because 10 lbs is quite a bit for one month. So I'm being reasonable. 165. Technically 6 lbs away from what I am right now. If it more comes off, great. I'm planning to use winter to really get myself back in shape so that when Spring rolls around, I'm not scrambling to look hot in a bikini again. I'm happy to support anyone else who's found themselves in the same situation as me. That's what got me to lose all the weight in the first place.

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