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Let's Push Reset and Try This Again...

I wish could say that this weekend at my friend's wedding was a smashing success... but it wasn't. I had lots of fun! But I ate way too much crap...

First off, I decided to get the Mirena out on Friday and go back on the pill. It seems like that threw my body for a loop changing up the status quo and my mood was kind of all over the place. It seems to be better today, but I definitely just ate whatever the heck I wanted. It's already hard enough to eat better while traveling, so this didn't help. I don't want to make excuses for myself, I know it was bad and now I feel kind of gross for it. 

Anyway, hopefully as my body adjusts to the new normal I'll be OK. I wasn't really expecting to have that kind of reaction to having the Mirena out! But now that I'm back to my normal routine, I can focus on better decisions.

First off, I think I am going to try to work in running again into my routine. My biggest problem is the exercise asthma. It's INCREDIBLY hard for me to run for longer periods of time without stopping to walk. My heart rate easily hits 180 and then my lungs kind of crap out. So I'm planning just to go with intervals for now. Start small and work my way up. Even when I ran my 5Ks two years ago, I never ran the whole thing straight, I would take walking breaks. I'm not sure what the generally accepted "strategy" is, so if any runners who have any insight on this would like to chime in, I'd appreciate it! If I can even just run intervals for 10 minutes every time I go to the gym, it should help with my endurance levels.

I at least got my boyfriend to agree that we need to curb the bad eating together. This weekend we both enabled each other, but that has to stop. I told him how miserable I've been with this extra weight and that I need his help to fix it too.  He even admits he'd like to lose a few pounds too. It's kind of hard for him since he injured his finger, but we went for a walk last night for 45 minutes to get moving. It helped.

So, I really wanted to write a blog about how I conquered the wedding weekend and ate better and everything... but I can't. So I'm hitting the reset button and trying this again! I just registered for my Cornell 5 year reunion June 5-8th and I want to look as good as I possibly can for it! I have 2 1/2 months, so I can make some progress. Plus that's the start of summer, so it's even extra motivation. It frustrates me when I veer off track for no reason, I just really need to summon that willpower I had before to stick to my plan!

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Blixish429 wrote 52 months ago:
I know you can do this. Just keep at it. My hubby is known for being a food pusher, and around New Years I told him that I would be cooking healthier and going to the gym 4-5 times a week and that I hoped he would support it but I was doing it with or without him. He got on the bandwagon with me and is still hanging on!

As far as the running and exercise induced asthma goes, I'd stick with the intervals. Maybe do couch to 5K program as a way to get back into it. I have it to and found that when I worked my endurance up after a month or 6 weeks I was running miles at a time before I had to walk a bit. Now I can't run at all (waahhhh), but if/when I ever can again, that's how my physical therapist recommended getting the body back into it.
HappyathomeMN wrote 52 months ago:
For running with walking Jeff Galloway has some great books and a usefull website. I have Galloway's Book on Running and I really enjoy it.
royaldrea wrote 52 months ago:
Don't hit the reset button...just accept your weekend as a part of your journey and move on from it! Sometimes plans change and we don't do what we wanted to's a part of life, don't feel bad, don't erase it from your memory, no need to start over. I'm sure that was one weekend in a series of great days, and if you want to stick with this for life, there'll be other food weekends. Use it as a learning experience.

Keep going, don't get frustrated! Hope all goes well!
boatsie77 wrote 52 months ago:
Ditto on Jeff Galloway's walk/run program (Google it for a training plan).

Again, I recommend you & BF sign up for an upcoming 5K...if you have a solid goal set, you will be more apt to get out there and train together. Walk the whole thing if you must...that's how I started, now I run 1 mile and walk 1 minute, and that's the way I'm going to complete my 3rd 1/2 marathon this weekend (and I'm 59 years old and dropped 90 pounds a year ago).

PS. This past November my sister walked a 1/2 marathon in just under 3 hours and she was 60 years old, with a bum knee and foot and had dropped 125 pounds (from 309) in the past 1 1/2 years.

deadik8drockstar wrote 52 months ago:
Great post! Don't be discouraged, just keep going for it!

When I started running, I went as far as I thought I could, then instead of stopping to walk, I slowed down my jog. Even when my pace was about the same as a walk, I was resting and getting my heart rate down. Do that as long as you can until you need to take a break to walk. That helped me start running. After a while you start to know your pace for whatever distance you want to go. When I add distance, I still do this. Instead of stopping to walk, I just slow down. Good luck!!

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