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"Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength. (Eric Hoffer)"

About Me:

My real name is Silvia, I'm 1.53 m short (5' 3/4"), and I'm just weird. To prove how weird I am: Christmas 2013 was my anniversary of 20 years without sex.
Try to beat THAT!! *triumphant ha-HA!*

Also, I'm a misanthrope - l don't like people. Yeah, I know I'm one of you lot too, but that has no bearing. I couldn't stand me either if I ever met me. So there.

That's it, really. Told ya I'm weird! :)

Ok ok, if you MUST know more:
I like baldies *PHWOAR* (e.g. Shemar Moore, Howard Webb); hate the Sun, the heat and Summer; and prefer the darkness and the cold (Autumn, Winter).

I've finally come to accept that I'm eating too much sugar. The eye-opener was this clip with Dr. Robert Lustig:
I know what he says is right. I just know it. His and Michael Pollan's guidelines are my new inspiration now. #WorkInProgress

Other than that, I love to travel and photograph everything that crosses my path. Have a look (not all photos are uploaded yet):

My stats: (as of 11 May 2014)
BMR = 1177 || TDEE = 1824 (if I do my workout)
or 1618 (if I don't do all my workouts)
[My TDEE once I reach my desired weight: 1776]
Waist-Hip-Ratio = 0.81
Waist-Height-Ratio = 0.46
Body Fat = 23.6% (Navy calc.)
BMI = 22.1
(new BMI measurement,

Why I want to get in shape

I have a really awkward shape: if you take my torso as "normal-sized", then my head is too big and my arms and legs are way too short. A bit like you see with midgets sometimes (and I'm short enough to almost be one). The fatter I am, the more awkward I look. And I'm not fishing for compliments - I really look this awkward

My Inspirations

  • Audrey Hepburn. Simply because she had beauty, style and class.
  • Kylie Minogue. We're the same height but we look SO different!
  • Bart Onisk. A physio who gave me loads of ideas and inspiration.
  • Being "normal" again. No, I'm not normal at the moment *muahahaha*


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