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I started to lose weight the second week of July 2012. I believe I weighed about 165 pounds, but I was too cowardly to weigh myself. I was wearing a size 12, I should have been wearing a size 14. I was sporting that stuffed sausage look. I was in a serious denial mode for about two years. What finally made me come to grips with my weight was a visit from my two older sisters. Firstly, I couldn't find anything decent to wear out with them. Everything in my closet was obscenely tight. I had to go buy something just to wear to a brunch. Second, we three sisters decided to hike up a butte we used visit as children. There we were, the three of us huffing and puffing, red faced and fat struggling to climb what we used to run. We did finally make it.
When the visit was over, one of my sisters put up pictures of our reunion on Facebook. There I was, undeniably fat and out of shape. That was at the end of June. The first week of July hubby and I took our grandson and friend on week long camping trip. You can see me on that camping trip in one of my profile pictures. That point was my heaviest. As soon as we got back from camping I decided to do something about my weight and fitness. I knew I wasn't getting any younger and the longer I procrastinated, the longer I would remain fat and uncomfortable. So, I started reading about weight loss. I knew I wanted to not just lose weight, but to develop healthy habits so that I wouldn't ever have to do this again. I made small changes daily. Cutting portion sizes, having more of something healthy, less or none of something unhealthy. It was summer so fresh vegies were abundant, making the diet much easier and satisfying. I finally started weighing myself when I was fitting inside my size twelves again. That day was August 20th, and I weighed 155.4. I have been steadily, tediously losing weight, recording my weight daily in a paper journal. I lost an average of 7 pounds a month. I would give myself a few days off every 10 pounds. I didn't go hog wild, but I would eat at maintenance in order to regain my mental strength and endurance.

My exercise has been the most surprising. Some time in August I spotted a foam ball. I decided to squeeze it a few times in each hand. Did the same every morning for a few weeks. One day while I was in Walmart, I walked by the fitness section and spotted some Gold's Gym stretch tubes. They were about $7.00 for a pair of short ones. On a whim, I threw them in my cart. When I tried them out, I could barely do five of any exercise. Every day I squeezed that ball and pulled those tubes. I would increase the number when I felt strong enough. After several weeks of that, I bought a long tube. With the long tube I could do squats, arm raises and shoulder exercises. I was slowly increasing the number of repititions. Then I bought a 3 lb. dumbell and started working with that, then I bought another so that I could work both arms at the same time. I kept adding a little bit more everyday. I was working out an hour to an hour and half each day! It became difficult to challenge myself enough without adding more time. About that time, I joined MFP and read so many success stories about the 30 Day Shred. The idea of a meaningful thirty minute workout appealed to me. Bought the video and started it late November. I was feeling so proud of myself on level 2, I decided to add a stepper machine. Somehow between them both I injured my IT band and had to quit both, though I continued my lifting (at that point, 5 lbs.) and my ab work. I restarted the Thirty Day Shred in January, finished Feb.28th. Starting in March, I have been doing Leslie Sansone's Ultimate Five Day Walk Plan. I absolutely love this video and highly recommend it to anyone who is fit enough to walk. I am also doing arm curls, shoulder raises, deadlifts and squats with 15 lb. weights. If anyone had predicted that I would be doing this, I would have laughed them off. But here I am, trying so hard. June 22, 2013 I bought a thirty pound hand weight! I had planned to buy a kettle bell but the heaviest kettle bell was a twenty, and it didn't feel like it was challenging enough. I plan to incorporate the thirty with my regular lifting, using it as a substitute for a kettle bell.
**Update January 21, 2014 starting The New Rules of Weightlifting for Women.
My advice to everyone is to start with small, daily changes. Add just a little bit each day and be patient. It was only when I tried to do too much at one time that I failed.

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To look and feel my best.

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