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"If you're ready for the zombie apocalypse, you're ready for anything."

About Me:

January 2016 - Back. Gave up after having been thoroughly discouraged at non-weightloss, despite best efforts. Discovered a couple of months later that my thyroid was toast (TSH level at 27.8, for those in the know). Having gotten those numbers close to normal just before Thanksgiving, and getting my depression treated... I'm giving it another go. Started the year with SparkPeople (recipe creator go), but they're way off on calorie allowance so... *waves at MFPeeps*

July 2014 - Delivered a healthy baby girl on June 17, 2013. Getting back in the game after after a difficult pregnancy and exhausting first year (this child doesn't know the meaning of sleep)**

Please read this before sending a friend request.

If you're sending a friend request, send a message with it too. If there is no message, I will decline automatically; and I'd hate to miss out on a good friend that way.

If you are consistently significantly under your Goal calories, I am likely to defriend you. (Eat your exercise calories, darn it!).

I'm a married mom of two. I was never really overweight until I gained too much while pregnant, the first time... a result of switching from chronic under eating to eating healthy. Yes, you can screw up your metabolism by eating too little, even a small too little.

Lost 35 lbs before my second pregnancy. Now working on losing the excess (and it was excessive... twice I tried watching my calories while pregnant, twice I had late miscarriages. I ignored calories this time) from the second.

I'm 5' 3.75" and my ultimate goal is 19-21% body fat.

Don't forget to follow my recipe blog at http://healthydoesntmeanboring.blogspot.com/ - Healthy Doesn't Mean Boring
and my Workout blog at
http://nrowfizs.blogspot.com/ - New Rules of Working out For Insane Zombie Survival

p.s. If politics and religion interfere with your ability to be friends, don't send me a friend request. I'm damn near a socialist and pagan on top of that.

Why I want to get in shape

To be healthy.

To be able to survive any post-apocalyptic scenario.

The leather pants and short vest combo I want to wear to SteamCon.

My Inspirations

  • The zombies chasing me.
  • WWJSD?
  • My daughters.
  • My MFP friends.


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