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"A crusador for "Total Fat Liberation!" (HCGer from Australia :)"

About Me:

I'm a passionate, hilarious & excitable free spirit, committed to consciousness, awareness and growth at all levels. I'm Australian, which is why I have a funny accent in all my vlogs!

NEWSFLASH: ** I liberated 50 POUNDS in 2012!!**

I went from 180 lb (82 kg) to 130 lb (59 kg). Hurrah!

I did it by doing a cleanse and then doing the amazing HCG Protocol! Thank you Dr Simeons!

2012 was my year for Fat Liberation! And 2013 is my year for keeping it off. So far, so good!

** I've written some helpful books about HCG and how to have massive success on the HCG Protocol without side effects. You can read about my books at www.happyconsciousgal.com

** I also have a very entertaining YouTube VLOG where I talk about the ups and down of my entire HCG Journey. It's very inspiring! Watch it at: www.youtube.com/HappyConsciousGal

(I love all your comments... especially the juicy ones!

You can also find me on Facebook: HC Gal

And Follow me on Twitter: @HappyConshusGal


For work, I mentor people around the world in Awareness Based Living, and am sought after as a speaker and writer and general charismatic creatrix. I also run my own radio show and am a TV personality.

Why I want to get in shape

After struggling with body issues and being overweight for many years, I was so excited to go on the HCG journey to fully liberate my fat and finally release it to the universe with gratitude & self-love.

I did the HCG diet as a kind of personal growth course, to completely change my relationship with food and with my body shape as well as to liberate myself of all the old unwanted fat and reveal the goddess underneath!

I am so excited you are sharing my journey with me. No need for seatbelts, it's going to be a fun ride!

My Inspirations

  • So my looks reflect the health conscious way I live
  • To remove the final evidence of my chronic pain & complete my healing journey
  • To reclaim my sexy wardrobe from my 20s and feel slinky again!
  • So I can stand on stage with my partner as his true match from head to toe


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