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Normal, IL
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"Fat Lenny's gonna lick my brain today"

About Me:

Fat Lenny's gonna walk right into myself
Fat Lenny's gonna see myself (Reflect it back on myself)
Fat Lenny's gonna lick the shellack off the window sill
And I say Fat Lenny's gonna lick my head off
Stop by my friend Fat Lenny, I like him a lot (Tell him about my buddy)
He's Fat Lenny - what

Why I want to get in shape

And I said now Fat Lenny knows what he is (to be Fat Lenny) 'cause he is Fat Lenny (he's my buddy)
He's Fat Lenny (I know what he is to be Fat Lenny) 'cause he's my friend Fat Lenny
I like Fat Lenny, I like 'cause he's my friend Fat Lenny - Fat Lenny
What - you know - he's Fat Lenny - you know
You know he's Fat Lenny

My Inspirations

  • Longevity and the baby girl
  • Breathing easy and not being tired
  • Squat!
  • Man boobs are not in this year...


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