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About Me:

I am a wife and Mom of four beautiful children. The last little one was a surprise at almost 40. I love working out, being healthy, and spreading the news that you don't have to starve to lose.

04/2011 - My story of how I finally started fueling instead of starving my body....I spent about 8 months trying to lose the last 20lbs....eating from 1200, then went to 1350 and then 1500 and bounced up and down 3lbs...whined, cried, name it. Then one day, I read an excerpt from "New Rules of Lifting Weights for Women" and it totally broke down why eating less and exercising more reeks havoc on our bodies...why I was then in starvation mode and wasn't losing weight. So based on the information I raised my non-workout caloric intake to 1800 and on my workout days I eat a minimum of 2000 but have gone as high as 2500. I have one cheat day on the weekend where I don't track. It broke down why CARBS ARE IMPORTANT AND PROTEIN TOO...and I adopted the 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat ratios. I eat no less than 30gr of fiber a day. I always drink a protein shake after every workout.

I now lift way heavier, never feel hungry or deprived, I stopped carb binging, and what I have started doing is losing fat, gaining muscle, have lost inches and the fat loss is pretty steady. So, I am a huge proponent of EATING MORE to WEIGH LESS.

Update 12/06/2014- Long story since posting the above...I was side blended with so many stressors in my life and battled adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues, gained 20lbs, ate at maintenance for a over a I am wearing size 8 slacks and skirts, size 8/10 jeans, and medium shirts at approx 169lbs. I've built quite a bit of muscle (along with the fat) and for the last month I've been on a slight cut of 250 cals eating anywhere from 2000 cals to 2900. I've really seen great improvement recently and others are noticing too. My focus and goals have changed so much over the last few years. I'm no longer scale dependent, and love pushing the limits and PRing in the weight room.

Great read on plateauing

Excellent information on why not eating enough works against you...

Proof that there are many eating and losing weight successfully

Check out!

Update 12/8/19
I bounced eating in moderation between 170-175lbs from last update... My issue I'd eat all things in moderation except when I'd binge on carbs(more often than not). It was a cycle that would cause me to be frustrated to no end... Too many chips and more ice cream.

End of May 2019 I was at 166lbs due to a stressful job and trying to be more strict but I also battled hip inflammation, increasing fasting blood sugar, lethargy, and brain fog... All of that drove me to try keto.

May 24th I started cold turkey and I didn't get the keto flu thank God. That day was the best decision I ever made. I started consistently losing weight, gained so much energy I got back in the gym, all inflammation went completely away, no more brain fog(I thought forgetting names or words or things in general was just aging... NO IT WAS NOT.. the brain loves using ketones for fuel) and my carb addiction FINALLY GONE! I'm no longer driven by food or think about it all the time. I don't track, don't count... I did count carbs using the Carb Manager app for 30 days because it was a little overwhelming at first... But no need now I know what to eat to stay under 25 net carbs.

Omg now I eat when hungry which is usually around 12pm, stop eating when satisfied, enjoy keto desserts but don't overdue it and haven't felt the need to cheat. I genuinely love the ketogenic lifestyle. Thanksgiving I cooked keto and non keto... No temptation whatsoever.

I think the pain I had helped me to turn my brain off towards sugars/carbs. Now I'm a few lbs from my goal with a waistline of 25.5 in, my thighs omg 22in☺️, and BF 18.3%

Almost 10 years and finally I've found a lifestyle where I'm truly content and able to have the body that matches the effort I put in at the gym! Keto for life!

Why I want to get in shape

I want to stay in great shape until I close my eyes and go home to be with the Lord!

My Inspirations

  • My children and hubby.
  • Strong is the new sexy!
  • My girl DLB and Mrs Ernestine Shephard.


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