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Calgary, AB
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"One Year, One Week, One Pound"

About Me:

That was my goal at the beginning of the year and I have gained 3 pounds since then. Sucks doesn't it? But I am not giving up. I am a member of TOPS and we are doing a golf contest. One of the challenges is journalling. I am very poor at it. So, since others use this, I'm going to try it too.
I have a blog, http://oneyearoneweekonepound.wordpress.com/
which I use as a way to be accountable.

Why I want to get in shape

I am looking forward to enjoying my first grandbaby, and I really want to look good for the pictures. I've got 8 weeks for that.
I'm tired of being obese.

My Inspirations

  • People who are succeeding at this.


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