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37 years old
Erie, PA
"Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens."

About Me:

Back to get ripped for the summer. I didn't quit training I just dont find logging useful if Im not dieting.

I dont think fitness should be a distraction from normal life. I still indulge myself (in food and other things ;). I train like a bodybuilder with some circuit and powerlifting mixed in. Im a big fan of IF and carb backloading, both of which helped me maintain a lean body while eating in a surplus to add strength.

Im a science geek so I take a very methodical approach to nutrition and training. Its worked very well for me so far.

Im into combat sports like paintball and martial arts.

I dont pay attention to women who dress to attract it. Biggest red flag ever.

I like it quiet in the morning.

Im a night owl.

I love nature and all animals. Except spiders.

Im a well trained marksman.

I love roller coasters but not shit that spins.

I jam out to dubstep when Im training.

I am a trained systems engineer. But I work in private security.

Ill get drunk in less than 3 drinks.

I can be pretty sassy and sarcastic at times.

I dont like running although Im pretty good at it.

Sometimes I blow off a workout.

Im horrible at household chores, but a great cook.

I have a dog and a cat.

Do not disturb me when Im enjoying coffee and xbox.

I love sports but I dont watch them on TV unless the Pirates or Steelers are playing.

I dont watch much TV.

I think traditional gender roles are stupid.

I get irritated if Im running late.

I have two tattoos but will be adding more in the future.

Im single because I want to be.

Why I want to get in shape

I haven't filled this out yet.

My Inspirations

  • Self confidence, discipline, accomplishment, physical wellness


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