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35 years old
Adelaide, SA
"People think I'm nice... its a good cover story."

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A little about me... I've always been a chunky kid, and this followed through to adult life. At my heaviest I was almost 110kg's (240lb). I have hovered around the 90-95 (210-220lb) mark for a couple of years, but never EVER really felt happy with my own appearance. That shit's gonna change!

Since joining MFP I've learned so friggen much about nutrition, exercise and physiology. Most of this has been through my own research, but MFP has been the catalyst for most of it and for that reason I'll always love this place!

Ive also lost another 15kgs since being here to be at my lowest weight since high school. The next chapter is me getting to ~12% body fat and a body I don't feel the need to hide in public.


I eat well (mostly), I like to follow an IIFYM approach to my diet, though I do try to make most of my diet up from natural foods.

I prioritise weight training over cardio training but both have an important role to play in overall health.

Why I want to get in shape

I do this first and foremost for me. I want to feel good about myself physically for the first time in my life. This is a selfish goal and I'm completely ok with that.

The change in my attitude did seem to coincide with the birth of my kids though, and I don't think this was a coincidence. I realised it is my job as a parent to set the best example I can, and physical health should never be taken for granted. Ever!

My Inspirations

  • To look awesome
  • To feel awesome
  • My kids will be proud of their awesome dad


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