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Nassau, NY
"A mighty God is a living man! "

About Me:

I dedicate this broken jump rope in the honor of my young cousin who died over this past weekend, and to all the members of my family that have passed long before their time. Ben, as many revolutions as it took to shear this cable off at the handle, multiply that by a million and that’s how much I love you. Multiply it by a billion and that how much I regret not being there when you called and you obviously needed me. Thank you for being who you are, I only wish I was could have been as caring and responsive to you as you were to me and apparently everyone else you knew. You had a natural charisma I would have cut off an arm to have. Please stay with me during the hard times buddy.

Why I want to get in shape

I just want to look a certain way. I used to be all about getting bigger and lifting as heavy as possible. Now i'm really more into building functional strength and looking more sleek.

So far I've done several rounds of Insanity and Asylum, and I'm about to finish P90X. Really enjoy the beach body programs, and they've done A LOT for me. But to be honest, i'm hoping in the future to spend considerably less time exercising. Maybe basically just lifting most of the year and then doing p90x or Insanity once or twice a year to help maintain a lower bf%.

I'm fasinated by crossfit and the competitive nature. Also the gymnastic element really draws me. I'd like to get a some rings for home and explore using those for fitness. I'd also like to join a box but i'm not sure i ever will because they are so expensive.

Currently stuck on Planet Fitness.

My Inspirations

  • Growing up it was Arnold
  • My highschool swim coach
  • Shawn T
  • Brad Pitt in 'FIght Club'


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