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San Diego, CA
"100 day post grad mission, before getting a job."

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I've been struggling with my weight since highschool. I was a fairly athletic kid with a love of Mexican candy growing up, but it wasn't until middle school that I exploded. Partially due to depression(lack of friends/female attraction), partially due to the ASB(associated student body) selling chips and soda for lunch, and finally because my mom got tired of cooking dinner and started ordering out I went from about 140 to 200 lb's in the course of two years in middle school. In high school this continued until I reached an all time high at 273 lb's at the start of community college. I ended up stabilizing around 255. I had tried working out many times with my fellow fat buddies but inevitably someone would "get sick" and then we would all start making excuses why we couldn't work out.

Despite my stellar grades and great paying job I found the lack of female affection to be crushing. It seemed that despite doing everything that society tells(be a "nice guy", do good in school, be a good employee) I still couldn't attract the attention of any girls. It was then that I looked in the mirror and thought to myself "If I was a girl would I want to date myself, am I the ideal man?" The answer of course was a resounding no. I thought about what the ideal man would be, would he be in-doors playing videogames, or would he be out on some type of adventure. Would he have a double keg for a stomach or would he have a six pack? It was at that moment that I knew I needed a change and it wasn't just a physical change it was a mental and emotional change. If I wanted to meet the "perfect woman" I would have to be the "perfect man." I tried a bunch of the fad diets without much success, part of the problem is that being highly intelligent and skeptical I never believed in any of these one trick solutions. Fortunately while browsing Netflix one day I happened upon a movie called "fat head" that challenged the assertion that McDonalds is what makes people fat. So for 30 days this guy ate at McDonalds and actually lost weight. It introduced me the BMR and the calorie deficit method of loosing weight. Having a background in science made this approach seem logical in its approach compared to other fad diets. It just so happened that during the same time I met a fitness instructor who I would soon grow to greatly admire(I had never admired someone I personally knew). She was very open and honest with me and told me of the various types of stimulants she had tried in the past like fen-phen and ephedrine instead of the traditional (all stimulants are bad approach). This honesty allowed me to believe in the workouts she would have me do and I became highly motivated. In the year leading up to my transfer to a 4 year college I ended up loosing 60 lb's ending up at 195 lb's during my transfer day. Throughout the next two years I would have the time of my life enjoying all the things I didn't get to enjoy during high school. With all the partying of course came a lot of extra calories and after I graduated a few weeks ago I found myself once again at 228 lbs. I am now ready to go much further than I had ever gone before. I don't just want to loose weight I want to look great. My goal is to be a 6-10% BF lean and mean 175 lb. 6"ft tall beast. I committed myself to 100 days of going as hard as I can push my body before going out in the world and getting a real job. I hope I can jump start my fitness. My goal is to reach 200lb's by the end of this 100 day stint.

Why I want to get in shape

Well as stated in the about me I want to be attractive to others and myself. I want to be able to take off my shirt at the beach and feel like a badass. I also want to prove to myself that I can do this, that I am in control of myself. I also want to be able to experience all the cool athletic activities that my weight has prohibited me from doing.

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