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27 years old
Lancaster, OH
"You Have A Pretty Face, but..."

About Me:

My name is Kendra. I'm just trying to get healthy, as well as look and feel better about myself. Joined MFP on June 6, 2012.

SW: 274.6 lbs./Size 24/26
GW: 152 lbs.(Once I get there, I'll decide if I want to lose more.)

Why I want to get in shape

To be healthy
To look good


To be in the healthy weight range.

To start running.

To run with my Dad....and keep up.

To look good in a bikini.

To be the same size I was in H.S. or smaller.

My Inspirations

  • Myself
  • My family
  • Being able to walk past the plus-size section in a clothing store.
  • Looking in the mirror and liking what i see.


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