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30 years old
Fort Wayne, IN
"Crazy dog woman"

About Me:

♥Message with FRs please and thank you♥

In general, I have a fairly high opinion of myself. In fact, most days it's pretty awesome to be me.

I am very much about self-regulation. I listen to my body. I eat when I'm hungry. To the best of my ability, budget and available time, I eat what my body is telling me it's hungry for. This has always worked very well for me. I've never been on a diet in my life and I'm convinced that that is why I am still able to self-regulate. I define "diet," the verb, as either caloric limitation or cutting out specific food(s). So on principle, I do neither of those things. Without ever trying to lose or gain weight, I have stayed within a 14 lb window my entire adult life right up until pregnancy (104-118 on the extreme ends). I have never been unhappy with my body, including every stage of pregnancy and postpartum. I have always been pleased with the things my body can do. I have been told that my body will stop regulating itself as I get older (or have kids) so I wanted to have real numbers on what I actually do eat. I have been using MFP to see what it is I do eat and put the data from tracking into excel to better look at the numbers. I will update this as I continue crunching numbers.
Results thus far (averages from 555 days of faithful tracking; also this is including data both from maintaining a constant weight and while lifting when I tended to eat more):
1928 nutritional calories (kcal) eaten per day (stdev 466)
1853 net kcal per day (stdev 468)
45% of calories from fat
29% of calories from carbs
19% of calories from protein
7% of calories from EtOH (sounds like a lot, but it actually works out to about 1 drink a day) (i.e. 1928*0.07 = 135 kcal; 135 kcal ÷7 kcal/g = 19 g; 19 g ÷ 0.789 g/mL = 24 mL or 0.8 oz. A 12 oz beer at 6.5% alcohol by volume is 0.8 oz EtOH.) Haha, only nerds will still be reading my profile at this point. Anyhow, my nutritional "goals" for macros and calories reflect these averages, so I never care if I'm over or under since I'm only collecting data anyhow. That large standard deviation for calories consumed means there are days when I eat well over 3000 calories and days when I eat under 1400. That's just how I eat.

***Results from pregnant tracking
Average Cal/day in 1st trimester: 2046
Up 4.6 lbs in the 1st tri
Average Cal/day in 2nd trimester: 2326
Up 18.7 lbs from prepregnancy wt
Average Cal/day in 3rd trimester: 2351
Up 30.8 lbs from prepregnancy wt

Weight after delivery: 136.6 lbs, 21.6 lbs over prepregnancy wt

Average Cal/day while exclusively breastfeeding: 2503

I have never done much in the way of fitness/exercise programs before either, mostly just general active daily life requirements that have kept my muscles toned and stamina high. I did take karate back in high school, one semester of yoga back in college. I also grew up "playing" (horseback riding, building forts in the woods, pick up games of soccer with the neighbor kids) and never really stopped playing, even though I'm pretty well grown up now. Low level cardio is part of my everyday life and I wouldn't know how to change that if I wanted to. If you have a dog and don't walk it, you're a bad person, just sayin. I would say I am very lean and fairly strong for my size. I can see and feel hard muscles under my skin. I can pick up and carry my 50 lb dog easily. I can carry piggy-back my 145 lb husband. I've had to pick up (with an injured knee) my 400 lb 1986 450 Rebel after dropping it, and was able to ride it home, thankfully. I've been backpacking with a pack that was 50% of my body weight (which is stupid if you talk to seasoned backpackers, it's supposed to be more like 30%). I tried Crossfit and thought it was amazing, but my budget nor my schedule could keep up, so it got cut. Now I lift at home. I also regularly jump in mosh pits at punk rock shows. I am getting a little old for it, but I have been doing this since I was fourteen (more than a decade). I am still the teenie girl in the pit who cares not who she knocks down nor gets knocked down by. My favorite souvenirs are bruises, and I do not bruise easily. It takes a nice, solid hit it does. Punk rock saved my life. Some may view this as destructive behavior; I view it as stress relief.

My stats:
5' 4.75"
TDEE: 1734
BMR: 1322
BMI: 18.6

And, blood work from 22May2012:
Na: 137 ref(134-146)mM
K: 4.4 ref(3.6-5.1)mM
Ca: 9.0 ref(8.3-9.9)mg/dL
Mg: 2.4 ref(1.8-2.5)mg/dL
Fe: 134 ref(39-145)ug/dL
Cholesterol: 170 (ref <200)
Triglyceride: 99 (ref <150)
HDL: 66 (ref >60)
LDL: 84 (ref <100)
Chol/HDL ratio: 2.58
Blood sugar: 84 ref(70-99)

Blood work from 22May2013 (forgot to fast)
Na: 143 ref(134-146)mM
K: 4.1 ref(3.6-5.1)mM
Ca: 9.2 ref(8.3-9.9)mg/dL
Mg: 2.2 ref(1.8-2.5)mg/dL
Fe: 149 ref(39-145)ug/dL
Cholesterol: 166 (ref <200)mg/dL
Triglyceride: 97 (ref <150)mg/dL
HDL: 81 (ref >60)mg/dL
LDL: 66 (ref <100) mg/dL
Chol/HDL ratio: 2.05
Glucose: 88 (ref 70-99)mg/dL

Why I want to get in shape


Bench press: 1X body weight
Back Squat: 2X body weight
Dead Lift: 2X body weight
Overhead press: 0.75X body weight

My Inspirations

  • my husband, my love always
  • my daughters to whom I’d like to pass good habits
  • my dog, Mischief, who will always be able to out run me until I tell her "heel"


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