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53 years old
Auckland, AU
"Fat at 50 - Fabulous at 51!! "

About Me:

"I don't have a goal weight - I have a goal life!!"

"Disciplined, Dedicated & Determinded to be fit"

UPDATE: August 2013

For the past month I have not actually been calorie counting anymore. I am following a Precision Nutrition programme called Lean Eating. The main premise is changing habits - and part of that is "Intuitive Eating". I counted calories for the past 2 and a half years - and dropped the majority of my weight that way - but now I need to work on how to live my life - without having to count every calorie I eat.....

This means that I am spending hardly any time on MFP - and are not able to support any new friends, so please do not take it personally that I will not accept new friend requests ......You are not losing out - my pals on here will tell you I am "MIA" most of the time

Sorry - no new friends accepted at this point ;-( see above)

~~If you want to add me as a friend please include a message with your request otherwise im likely to decline. At least then I know you've bothered to read my profile and are interested in being a supportive friend - and you will get the same in return!!:)

Feb 2013 - I just culled my friends list by 30 people - if you keep looking for diet "miracles" I am not the right person to friend - eat good food, and get active most days and you and I will get along really well..... Neither am I a big supporter of "fuckarounditis" - you been here for months or years and keep " bitching and moaning", but don't make it happen - sorry - I don't get it, and am not going to keep posting " you can do it" on your wall...

Lastly - it is not the number of days you have logged onto MFP that impresses me - it is your attitude and what you are doing to be fit and healthy ;-)

So if you look at my friends list - the majority of people on there inspire me to be a better person every day of my life - all of us have our ups and downs - but our ups are way more powerful than our downs!!

My blog : http://www.myfitnesspal.com/blog/Elleinnz

My Stats:

SW 149.1 kg (328 lbs) 6 Sept 2010
LOWEST 94.6 kg (208) 12 Sept 2012
CW 99.5 kg (219lbs) 11 Jan 2013
GW 85 kg (188 lbs)
Height 5'9

Progress since I have increased calories (additional 500 per day)

101 kg (222.6) 10 April 2012
99.3 kg ( 218.9) 13 April 2012
98.1 kg (216.2) 17 April 2012
97.3 kg (214.5) 25 April 2012
96.7 kg (213.2) 1 May 2012
95.8 kg (210.7) 8 May 2012
===========Knee Surgery======
94.6 kg (208) 12 Sept 2012 1900 calories

Hey all - My name is Donelle (Elle for short)

After really letting my body and fitness slip over the years I made a decision on 6 September 2010 that "this is it !!!"

I have only been on MFP since April 2011 (lost 33 kg's at that point)- but entered my start weight as at 6 Sept 10.

I have lost 120 lbs so far (Sept 2012) - still a good few to go, but I have learnt some good lessons - this time it is for good!!

I am on a journey of clean and healthy eating - the way I look at it I can actually eat a hell of a lot more than if I were eating "bad" foods. It has meant a huge change for me - I was eating "out" 3 times a day - my kitchen was a place to get a drink, or a glass of wine or beer.

By pre-planning, and preparing a lot of my food ahead of time I can limit the time I spend in the kitchen - and eat fantastic healthy food.

I work out at the gym twice a week with a brilliant personal trainer - he gets me to do things I would never in my wildest dreams have challenged myself to do - and that means great results.
I use a Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitor (one with chest strap) to monitor my calorie burn.

I walk around 30 to 60 minutes a day - very brisk walking, and bought a new mountain bike - so trying to get a few bike rides in every week.

I work as an IT Project Manager - so pretty much a high stress desk job - so I need to keep on encouraging myself to take some breaks during the day....

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