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45 years old
Dallas, TX
"Eating for RADtastic energy levels."

About Me:

I originally lost weight back in 2007, but after a few years of yo-yoing I stopped paying attention to my health and vitality. I lost my OOMPH! I want my OOMPH back!

Why I want to get in shape

To have unlimited NRG -- to get my OOMPH back! -- to run half marathons regularly again, and run a couple more :BIG: marathons -- to chill in scorpion pose! I want it to be obvious that I do squats. I want my glutes to be glorious!

My Inspirations

  • My husband of 16 years
  • Our 8yr old daughter
  • http://connect.garmin.com/modern/profile/DallasMama
  • http://university.peertrainer.com/cheat/index.php


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