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Burton, NB
"Time To Take Control Of My Life And Lose Weight!"

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Im a single Mother of a 2 year old Girl, she was born on October 13 2009. I gained a lot of weight threw my pregnancy. I was 110 lbs up until about 4 years ago when my lung collapsed, a month later it collapsed again and i needed surgery to remove the top half of my left lung, then i got pregnant, i am now 251 lbs, who would have thought that you could gain so much in only 3-4 years. Though it is hard to lose weight when there is so much physically that i can not do due to medical conditions, im not suppose to do anything strenuous on my lungs or they could collapse again, I have been dancing ( on the wii, Michael Jackson's the experience is my favourite) as well as walking and bringing my daughter to the pool. Quit Smoking On January 27, 2012 and Damn Proud Of It!

Starting Weight: 251 lbs (july 2012)

Why I want to get in shape

There is several reason why i want to lose weight and get in shape, one would be for my health, with all the weight on its causing alot of stress on my already damaged lungs and heart, im only 22 and i would like to see my daughter graduate school get married etc. So therefor i guess i want to do this because i want to be around to see my daughter live her life, and if i dont lose weight then my body is going to fail and i wont get to see that.
Im Hoping when i lose the weight my COPD, Asthma, and sever broncitis will get better so i can breath again and start doing more active things.

My Inspirations

  • My Grandmother, She passed away on May 25, 2011
  • My Daughter, I have to stay alive for her,
  • My Aunt, She has lost a lot of weight she looks great and i want to too.
  • Myself, I want to look good again and be healthy!


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