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Tampa, FL
"Tonya L. Davis-Miller, MS, ACSM CEP, NSCA CSCS"

About Me:

I'm a certified strength and conditioning specialist, clinical exercise physiologist, personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and sports nutritionist. I also teach exercise certification and continuing education workshops. I completed my bachelors program for exercise physiology with a minor in nutrition in 2012. and my masters in exercise science in May of 2016. My thesis was an evaluation of the exercise order (cardio first or weights first) that elicits the most body fat loss. I am currently employed as a professor of weight training at a local college.

Why I want to get in shape

It's all about health. With a lot of family history of health issues, I'm determined to be healthy so that I can live a long, happy life without the limitations and disabilities that my family have suffered. After taking most of the last year off from exercising the way I want due to a car accident, I'm ready to get back into the gym and hit it hard.

FYI: If you're looking for the workout cards I use to have in my photos here, you can find them all and some exercise videos I've made on my Facebook Fan Page at . Sorry, but there was only room on here for 18 photos and I have more workout cards made then that, so I have them where I can put a lot more for people to try. Enjoy!

My Inspirations

  • Love the way my muscles look when I'm lifting weights regularly.
  • Lost too many loved ones to preventable diseases because they didn't workout.
  • It's funny to watch the looks on the faces of the guys in the gym...
  • ...when I lift more then they do! (Insert Evil Laugh Here) ;-D


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