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April 29, 2013 9:07 AM
Hi all! I have been perusing the Keto groups trying to see what the difference is between the two and can't really figure it out.

I thought your body went into ketosis on any low carb, but am I mistaken? Do you have to strictly stay under 20g a day?

I have PCOS and have tried other ways to lose, was just eating pescatarian for a few months and started gaining weight because of too many carbs, and I have been now back to low carb for three weeks, staying below 50, have usually been between 30-40 most days. My cravings are completely gone and this is the first time in months I have not fallen off track over the weekends. Have had 3 on track weekends so far, so happy about that.

I do not want to cut out a lot of veggies, I have stayed away from the obvious starchy ones - potato, corn, etc. and I feel the nutrients in veggies are vital, but I am not going to get the same results having a bit of a higher carb count?

I see most people talk about having the Keto flu, or weird smelling pee, bad breath, things of this nature, and I have none of those things, so does that mean I am not in ketosis? More importantly is it necessary to be in ketosis to be successful with low carb?

Also, I had my RMR tested and have a more accurate cal count, my cals are set around 2500, and when I changed my macros to around 5%, they came in the 30's for 5%. This should be more accurate than using just the less than 20 approach correct? if I went down to 20 I would be eating less than 5% of carbs, that can't be good right?

I would love any input, I have done low carb in the past, but there were not so many low carb options then and I really don't want to follow a specific diet plan, just trying to stick to meat, veggies, dairy and the occasional low carb treat.

And I did not post this in the groups because everytime Ihave posted things, don't get much unput so thought the larger community could be more helpful.

Thanks in advance :)
April 29, 2013 10:48 AM
April 29, 2013 11:17 AM
Yes, since you have had your RMR tested, I would start off w/ those numbers first to see how you do.

I've just started doing Keto, and from what I've read, it depends on your body as far as the carb%. I believe "STRICT" keto is 5%, most say to stay under 20g, but most can eat up to 50g and still stay in ketosis. I haven't noticed any of the side effects, but I've done a low carb diet before and have also read that it may be why we don't feel any side affects. ?? I've noticed that I do better when I stay below 20g.

That's all I have, sorry! I'm new to this too :)
April 29, 2013 11:21 AM
I don't know much about the topic, but certain kinds of Intermittent Fasting (IF) also cause the body to go into ketosis. The book on "Fast Five" (eating window of five hours a day, the rest of the time one drinks no-cal beverages or water) says this will happen after about three weeks. Fast Five is not a low carb diet; you can do it with any healthy diet on which you create a calorie deficit.


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