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TOPIC: Natural Hair Products - no parabens, sulfates or silicones

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April 6, 2013 10:12 AM
Healthy hair should be added to the quest for looking and feeling better and healthier.

So, I'm asking for your favorite haircare products that DO NOT CONTAIN parabens, sulfates or silicones*. It's really hard to find products that don't contain at least one of those ingredients.

I'll also add alcohol to the list because that is drying and should be avoided as well. So, bonus points are given for any product that does not add alcohol to the list.

Also, you get bonus points if you tell us your hair type (short or long, dry or oily, curly or straight) and how the products you recommend help your hair, if you see a difference using it.

I'll start by recommending 100% natural Jojoba Oil as a styling product. You can get a small bottle at Trader Joe's that will last a long time; a little goes a long way. It's healthier for your hair than products that contain silicones to achieve a similar effect of shinier and smoother hair. Make sure to get 100% natural and not one that is mixed with junk. Unfortunately, Sally's Beauty Supply sells Jojoba Oil that is mixed with junk so avoid that.

I also like Tea Tree Tingle shampoo by Trader Joe's. It contains peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus botanicals, I don't see any "bad" ingredients or chemicals in the list. It doesn't appear that C12-14 Olefin Sulfonate (coconut derived) is one of the sulfates.

I have not tried their conditioner but it should be equally as good to use. It feels good when you massage it into your scalp.

What organic and natural products do you like and does it noticeably improve your hair?
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April 6, 2013 10:14 AM
Below is a breakdown of parabens, sulfates and silicones found on

Sulfates - Also known as Ammonium Laurel Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These are cleansing agents that allow the water to adhere to the grime and oil so that it can be rinsed away. The shampoos lather is typically created by sulfates. Sulfates can dry the hair and cause colored hair to fade.

Silicone -Silicone is used in hair products to make the feel smoother. It coats the hair to prevent the absorption of humidity and also to prevent moisture loss. The strength of the silicone can vary from product to product. Stronger silicones can be more likely to cause build-up on the hair. It can't be said that silicones are always bad, some of the effects are actually good things (less frizz, shine, etc.). But, if you are experiencing build up, it may be a good idea to avoid 'cones' in your hair products...or try a different product. And, you will likely need a sulfate to remove the build-up. Typically, if you are using a sulfate-free shampoo in conjunction with a silicone free conditioner, there will naturally be more shine, less dry hair, and less build up. Hence, all the fuss about 'no-poo'.

Parabens - Parabens are a preservative used in many products to prevent the growth of bacteria. They have proven to be highly effective since the 50's. However, in 2004, a researcher found parabens in a breast cancer tumor and concluded that there was link between the two. Critics have said that it isn't a valid claim because healthy breast tissue was not tested for parabens, as well. From everything I've read, so far there is no definitive link between cancer and parabens. Paraben doses in cosmetics are also quite small.
April 7, 2013 12:57 PM
My hair is super thick & long, but slightly wavy. It gets greasy within 24hrs of a shower.

I tried both Pantene AND Tresemmé silicone-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, shampoos/conditioner, and I hated them. They made my hair extremely knotty and hard to comb (I'd literally have to start combing from the ends, going up each stroke and my hair was still getting pulled out). It took me a long time to have to comb my whole head of thick hair like this. It made my hair feel more fly away and dry. I tried it because I was told silicone makes it difficult for dye/bleach to work on your hair, but my hair never had a problem with color and this shampoo was awful!
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April 16, 2013 8:49 AM
Thanks for your feedback. Good to know!

I was told that silicone products make hair dryer and frizzier over time. It looks great when you apply it and style your hair but actually damages the hair in the process. : (
May 13, 2013 12:46 AM
green people sell a whole range of great stuff natural ingredients!! hair body and face cleansing and creams
quite a few if you search google but they come at a price.
May 13, 2013 1:05 AM
pure coconut oil is a nice treatment/conditioner/serum
May 13, 2013 1:13 AM
I'm a huge fan of Nature's Gate products. I currently use the pomegranate shampoo and conditioner and deep condition every few weeks with coconut oil. The shampoo lathers quite well especially compared to some of the other similar options on the market. It leaves me hair much less frizzy than with most more conventional shampoos as well as extremely manageable and shiny. Additionally it can be quite affordable, I say quite because I often find it at discount stores such as Ross and Grocery Outlet for a reduced prise.

I've also used baking soda with an apple cider vinegar rinse with a lot of success but it certainly took my hair some adjusting the first few weeks.


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