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February 18, 2013 8:45 PM
I use my Food notes for personal notes to myself on how I am feeling that day in regards to what I eat, or health,emotional status. I have to keep my Diary closed because of this. Please will you separate the Food notes? It would be great to give us an option whether we want to share the food notes or keep them private.
February 18, 2013 8:52 PM
that is an excellent idea. and i support that!
February 18, 2013 9:46 PM
GREAT idea!!!
February 19, 2013 4:58 AM
February 19, 2013 6:04 AM
I also support this. I do not currently use my food notes, but if I had the option to keep them private, I might very well record my personal thoughts and feelings for the day.
February 19, 2013 6:31 AM
This is a wonderful idea and hope it will be considered!
February 19, 2013 7:33 AM
Thank You for agreeing with me flowerforyou

It is so much easier to just jot down a note during the day while recording our food. What we eat is tied into how we are feeling emotionally or physically many times. I have so many health problems it would be boring for people to read what I write so I rather keep it private.

Please MFP give us an option to share the food notes or keep them private just like you do with our Diary's.
February 19, 2013 9:05 AM
I totally agree. You give us great tools, this would help make it even better
February 19, 2013 9:58 AM
flowerforyou I think this would be a great thing to do.. I also write my feelings and health issues down too.. that is why I have not used this site completely.. I keep a notebook journal for this reason.. but I'd use this site completely if that was offered.
February 19, 2013 10:03 AM
Agree! I put personal things in my notes that I'd rather not share with everyone. Not being able to make my notes private prohibits me from adding additional friends.
February 19, 2013 1:15 PM
agree..think this would be great..kep mine private for same reasons,
February 19, 2013 1:36 PM
Sorry Guys I disagree I use it to add things about my food, (quick add calories and homemade food) and think that if you want to be personal have them add a journal section instead...
February 19, 2013 1:50 PM
well they do have a "journal" section it's just called a blog... but some of them may already be using the blog feature AS a blog not a private journal.
February 20, 2013 6:56 AM

Sorry Guys I disagree I use it to add things about my food, (quick add calories and homemade food) and think that if you want to be personal have them add a journal section instead...

It seems like the request is that making the food notes private or not would be an OPTION, just like the food diary currently is. You wouldn't have to change the way you're using it, but it would give others more options. Why would you have a problem with that?

I've never used the food notes, as I don't want them to be viewable, so I'd like this change.
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February 22, 2013 8:35 AM
BUMP for the love. I still think this is a good idea. :)

March 10, 2013 7:13 PM
Thank You flowerforyou to everyone who agrees food notes should have the option to be private or public to Friends. Please MFP can you consider this? To the people who want to keep their food notes public it would not take away your option.
March 10, 2013 10:26 PM
I think this is a WONDERFUL idea!

It would allow those who put personal comments in the notes section to open their diary for viewing. And it would help those of us who are not comfortable writing something personal in our notes section to do so.

For many of us, eating goes hand in hand with our emotions, our experiences (good & bad) and it would be great to look back at those high calorie days (or super low calorie for those who are here to eat more) to see what our triggers might be.

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