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February 15, 2013 7:36 PM
I didn't take good measurements. Only my waist and it's only showing about an inch loss. It's hard to tell on my weight because I was up from christmas and I lost all of it but I'm still higher then where I was in November. I'm going to start another round Monday with heavier weights and i'm going to take lots of before pics this time and more measurements. Anyway here is a side before and after pic. Not sure if I can tell much of a difference. Some days I felt super slimmer and some days not. I can at least say I feel alot stronger and have more endurance!

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February 15, 2013 7:41 PM
Maybe a little in your lower back/upper butt area?

Don't be discouraged smile
February 15, 2013 7:45 PM
I can definitely see it in you upper/lower abs and hips!! Definitely take measurements this time around!
February 15, 2013 7:51 PM
Yes, your lower stomach area looks smaller, good job.
February 15, 2013 8:05 PM
Thanks! I think I will be brave too and take pics in my underwear. My eating was not as good as i'd of liked it to be so this round I'm going to focus on that too!!
February 15, 2013 8:08 PM
Totally see a difference. and love your name!
February 15, 2013 8:36 PM
I can see a diffference and I'm usually oblivious to people losing weight! Keep it up! I did level 3 today...OUCH!!!
February 16, 2013 12:25 AM
Trust me, your stomach is much smaller! Keep it up and take measurements wink
February 16, 2013 12:29 AM
Your waist looks smaller and believe me smile
February 16, 2013 12:37 AM
I can see a huge difference! Well done :-)
February 16, 2013 1:00 AM
Personally I can see the difference-congratulations :) and you should take it as a great step forward that you feel stronger and have better endurance. Second time around you'll probably find you can push yourself a bit more, and like everyone's said definitely take lots of measurements; you'll see the changes!
February 16, 2013 1:12 AM
I can see a huge difference esp in the lower abs ! Well done :))
February 16, 2013 1:22 AM
I think if both the pics were the same proportions/ differences it would be easier to tell. Maybe crop the right (current) one so it shows the same amount as the first
February 16, 2013 1:26 AM
I can definitely see a difference upper abs lower stomach & bum . Your clothes must feel looser surely? I have today & tomorrow to do of 30ds lvl 3 & I'm done & on to ri30. Scale not moving much, in fact it went up to begin with, I did vague measurements, but I think I've lost about an inch off my waist, my back is slimmer & clothes looser. I feel stronger & more toned. I think I'll see real results after ri30 it's not going to happen overnight, but I'm going to keep keeping on!


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