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February 8, 2013 2:56 PM
OK!! Has anyone else seen the Zantrax 3 commercial with the model walking out in a hot little 2 piece bikini? i seen it two times in the last 30 minutes! I dont know why, but it pisses me off!! they are sending out the wrong information and a false sense of accomplishment to ppl!! telling ppl that "you will loose 15 percent of your fat" then they zoom in on her legs and her ungodly well defined abs!! I KNOW PERSONAL TRAINERS THAT AREN'T THAT DEFINED!!!!! it tells ppl, " you will never be this hot without these pills" and the worst part of it all is that everyday ppl buy them!! i work in a retail store that sells the crud and ppl eat it up like its the bible!! "if its on t.v it must be true and it must work"

I work with a guy that dropped over 100 lbs in 8 months using "ziyga" (i think that is how it is spelled), any way, he told me that only way to get fat off is with this crap, well, he is dependent on it now and cant not take it without the weight coming back! It is one of the more natural things to take, and he did try to get me to buy some, i wont.. im doing what i am with out the help of chemicals ..

Sorry if this went to far, and to long.. but its just irratating that everywhere we look, we see "miracle weight loss pills, drinks, and powders." i guess ppl will eventually see that the crap dont work, but fo rthe most part, as long as you have ppl with weight loss goals, the "quick fixes" will always be there! (to ruin your metabolism, kidneys, and overall willpower ) what happens when them pills are outlawed? are we going to become a world of hefty hippos? ppl need to wake up and realize that there is no quick fix! PUT DOWN THE HAMBURGER! THROW OUT THE OVER ABUNDANCE OF GARBAGE! When there is fast food everywhere you look, i guess we give in!

" grandpa, tell me about the olden days"
"Oh lil johnny, it was hard, there was cheesecake and porkchops everywhere!"

Yall go to and search for "lazyboy, underwear go inside the pants"

It is hilarious!! listen to the part about the "OBESITY EPIDEMIC"

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