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TOPIC: I've been extremely tired around 3 pm and having to nap...??

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March 25, 2010 9:21 AM
I hate this but I can't keep my eyes open. I go to bed regualry around 10pm and wake up around 9 am. I'm eating healthy and exercising and don't understand why I get so so tired around 3 ish every day. I've napped for two hours to get my energy back and I don't want to do this. Does anyone have any reasons why this may be happening or what I can do to NOT be tired around this time? Any advice/suggestions would be helpful. BTW I have been eating clean as well , at least 85% of the time. And I drink my water with lemon so I can gulp it down.

Thank you in advance everyone!

March 25, 2010 9:30 AM
You might be getting too much sleep. Typical sleep should be 6-8 hours and you are getting 11. Also, depending on what you eat when, you could have a drop in your blood sugar around that time.

Avoid being in situations where you are liable to fall asleep around 3pm. And avoid doing activities other than sleep, like reading or tv watching, in bed. Use your alarm clock and get up at 6 am instead.

Good luck!
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March 25, 2010 9:31 AM
I'm no expert but I would suggest to skip the nap and opt for a walk instead. It might make you feel better and regain your energy. I know I always feel more awake and refreshed even after a small walk. It might be very hard at first to resist the temptation to nap but I think in the long run you won't regret it.
March 25, 2010 9:32 AM
Are you getting too much sleep? I know that sounds crazy, and I don't know you, but I know with my kids, sleep begets sleep. The more they sleep, the more they want to sleep. Also, are you getting enough protein? If you crash around 3pm everyday, I would try drinking 8 to 16 oz of water and having a high protein snack around 2:45pm. Something like an apple with peanut butter or cheese with a small piece of fruit. Hope that helps!
March 25, 2010 9:33 AM
Are you in the UK Dottie? This week I've been feeling really drained and fatigued. I was taking mutlivitamins but figured maybe the ones I had could be improved upon so at lunch I went to Boots and Asda. In Boots all the energy things seemed to be caffiene based which I didn't want but in Asda I found a vitmain supplement called Energise. According to the label its a super C & B complex.

I'm not selling the stuff but I can tell you that I popped one after lunch and have felt much better this afternoon than I have all week so would highly recommend. Maybe 1 days experience with it is too soon to use the phrase highly recommend but it's just made me feel so much better!!!

Hope that helps x
March 25, 2010 9:33 AM
I've had this problem too. Do you take a multivitamin? I figured out that if I would take half of it in the morning with breakfast and the other half about 2 pm I wouldn't get so tired. I think it might have to do with iron, so if your not getting enough in you diet the vitamin may help.
March 25, 2010 9:36 AM
Well, I checked out your food diary, and I'm not sure how accurately you track, but most of the entries I saw, you were averaging around 1000 net calories. I've had this "sleepiness" trouble before and especially in the afternoon when I hadn't eaten enough that day. Try upping your calories during the day a bit and you might be surprised by the boost of energy. also it'll give you the energy to work out too!
March 25, 2010 9:38 AM
Did this start when you started doing MFP?
Any recent medication changes?
Any chance you could be depressed?
Change in excercise level?
Are you a mom?
Any life upheavals?

Could be SO many things. I hope you figure it out. It sounds frustrating.
March 25, 2010 9:56 AM
so first's I'd have to echo Channing's words, you're diary is all over the place, if it's accurate, I'd say put a better effort into consistency.
When I looked at the diary, it's a up one day, down the next, up the next...etc. really you want to try to stay within 100 calories either way of your goal, you do that and you'll be better able to judge whether it's an energy thing.

If you do make this modefication, and you still have this issue, you should examine 2 things (IMHO). 1st whether you're giving yourself enough calories, and 2nd are you having a good complex carb at lunch. if it's the first, well that's easy to fix, if it's the second, just eat something with some complex carbs in it around 12:30 or 1:00 and you should perk right up!

remember, energy depletion can be a sign of too few calories!
March 25, 2010 10:16 AM
I just looked through your diary, as well. I agree with SHBoss, in addition to what I said earlier. You also seem to lack vegetables in there too, so I wonder if you are taking a multivitamin to supplement what you might be missing. It's tantalizing to go below what MFP tells you for caloric intake, but doing so can have repercussions. Especially if you are working out. I think SHBoss has some info on one of his threads about what that can do to you if you don't compensate. You recently changed eating behaviors (Clean starting 3/22) and your body may not be in transition. Make sure you are feeding your body what it needs.
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March 25, 2010 5:55 PM
You might want to ask your doctor. I was having this problem and she took some blood which revealed a Vitamin D deficiency. After treating that, I have more energy than I've had in years. It could be your thyroid or you could be anemic. I think a physical might be in order here.
March 25, 2010 6:46 PM
This is actually quite normal. I read and article on here a few weeks ago and now I can't seem to find it but I found this for you instead.

If your really worried about it or falling asleep at other times you should probably check with your doctor. Thyroid issues also can cause fatigue and many other things as well. :)
March 25, 2010 6:52 PM
As a thyroid disorder patient, when I read your post I immediately thought of a thyroid problem. It could be anything, or it could be something. I say print your food diary and visit your doctor. It is better to be safe than sorry as a thyroid disorder can wreak havoc with your body.
March 26, 2010 8:20 AM
THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!! You guys are the best! I am going to try the suggestions given. Maybe I am getting too much sleep, and I know sometimes my food diary is all over. I'm trying to get the hang of eating clean and it's been a bit of a struggle. I will start eating a protein /carb around that "time" and see it that helps too. I've had my thyroid checked before and that is good. I am being treated for depression but I take medication for that, so that should be fine too. After readin all your comments I think it's a combination of transitioning to eating clean and getting too much sleep.Thanks so much, I will let you know how it goes in the next week or so , if you want!

Thank you again!!! You guys have been so helpful!!!flowerforyou
March 26, 2010 10:18 AM
I've been going through the same thing, but found out that I have sub-optimal adrenal glands. Research that a little to see if you have the other symptoms. There are other symptoms related to this, but you may find it helpful. It's not you, it could be a gland problem which is totally repairable, not a disease. Look up Adrenal Fatigue.
March 26, 2010 10:33 AM
I had the same thing happening and I went to the doc. I ended up on the verge of anemia so that may be ur that I take the prescribed pills I feel a lot better
March 26, 2010 11:31 AM
Just to echo Channing and Sheboss, I felt that way when I was severely undereating. My calories should be 1800 just to lie around comatose, and I was eating 600-1200 on average. I was SO tired after I ate, as well as every afternoon that I'd sneak catnaps in the bathroom for 3 minutes (sitting on the commode!). It's a horrible way to feel. Since I've increased my calories, I do not feel this way during the day. Ever. I actually enjoy my afternoons and early evenings (used to be so desparate for a nap it's all I could think about).

One other thing...I stopped eating almost all processed foods. No white bread, HFCS additives, or artificial flavorings/sweeteners anymore. The fiber and nutrients in whole foods helps keep my blood sugar/insulin levels even.


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