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TOPIC: Viewing nutrient info on the fly

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February 4, 2013 11:40 AM
In the mobile app, you can see some basic nutrient information about an item before you add it to your diary. With the web version, you can't see that until after you've added it. It would be nice to have that visibility beforehand, as in the web version, to help narrow down choices instead of adding and removing things multiple times.
February 4, 2013 12:57 PM
You can see it prior to actually logging it in your diary in one of two ways

most direct for ease of logging the food you just viewed the nutritional info for is
food > food diary > add food > search for the food pick a search result and when it moves to the right where you tell the system how much to add to your diary RIGHT below the food name is a "nutritional info" link, click that and you'll see the info entered. You will also be asked if the info shown is correct, if you're comparing it to a label and it is click yes to "verify" the data or "no" if it's not you'll be asked if you want to correct the info or not (assuming the item was entered by another MFP user rather than by MFP themselves, we can't edit the items that have multiple serving size options)

food > database
search for the food, as you click through the search results the nutrition info as entered appears on the right, when you find the one you want to use highlight the food-name on the right above the chart and copy it, then go to the food > food diary > pick a meal and click add food pasting the copied name to the search field.

With the extra clicks for the first one and the whole copy / paste the exact food name to hope your results are narrowed enough to find the one you just confirmed it's certainly not as easy as the app where it shows the nutritional info for each search result automatically... I'd love to see the "add to diary" option from food > recipes placed on the food > database page.

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