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January 30, 2013 7:47 AM
I dont know if there is another way to track this but I think it would be cool if you could give labels to days and better searching. Such as I want to search my past history for Breakfasts Under X # of Calories.

Or Labels for the Day to help indicate and allow you to search for days under goal, as well how the day went for you. Such as a level [Good; Didnt Feel Hungry; Had Enough Energy]. IE Label for if you liked the meals that day; if you felt hungry or not; and your energy level throughout that day].

Or a bare minimum could be a Star System for the day or meal. This would allow people to star either a meal or day that they were satisified with for their goals and they enjoyed.

My personal experience with having bad habits and weight problems since Jr High School, is that some days hitting 1800-2000 a day (my current goal being 6'2" and still morbidly obese) is that sometimes it is easy to hit the target, but some times hitting 1800 has less effect and success as a different day hitting 1800. It would be good to go back and look over long history with the benefits the labels could have. Currently I am trying to do this on the side by writing days to go back to but it would be nice to have something built into the system.

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