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January 29, 2013 6:15 PM
((For example - If a thread had a total of 15 pages))

It sure would be nice if threads, when opened, started with the original/initial post, subject and poster...but below that entry would be the newest entry and below that the previous entry (and the 1st response to the thread would be on page 15). Maybe a different color border to separate the initial thread from the responding threads.

I believe, right now, if there are 15 pages, one has to open the thread, scroll to the bottom and select the 15th page to see the most recent entry made to the thread.

Oh, it would also help if the date and time stamp for entries was a little more prevalent. It would help with finding your original post and possible responses to your response.

Yes, it would kill the whole rollover hapiness, but I'd rather it be easier to find the newest entry than be the 1st at the top of the page - IJS

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