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January 17, 2013 12:05 PM
ooh an enter-at-your-own-risk zone.
January 17, 2013 1:04 PM

You mean actually expecting adults to take off the diapers and grow some skin? I'm game. *holding breath*

You're gonna turn blue, pass out, and die!
January 17, 2013 1:51 PM
Hey Folks,

I appreciate the feedback here. However, our community guidelines are there to ensure that we are actively, continually creating the friendly, supportive forum experience that is fundamental to MFP. Even in the chit-chat section - we shouldn't be allowing posts that are attacking other people, trolling, hi-jacking, etc... and while its important to have a sense of humor, enforcing our community guidelines in all places of the forums, I think is vital to this community.

We do have groups and if people want to moderate their own content I strongly encourage them to create their own group.

Thank you for your understanding.

Community Manager
January 18, 2013 5:46 AM

I appreciate the response but I must ask, by whose definition of "friendly" are we to keep? What some people see as witty banter and joking, other people may see as mean. Are we to be held to the standard of the thinnest skinned amongst us?
January 18, 2013 9:39 AM
Yea, I guess the adults have to find another forum. This one is for the children who cry anytime someone doesn't give them a big hug and say "there there, its okay Johnny I know you're eating 8000 calories a day and sitting on the couch but the weight will come off if you just drink the detox shake". Never mind, that good and honest support, you know the type in real life support groups, is often of the "tough love" variety.
January 18, 2013 9:43 AM

May the odds be ever in your favour.

Seriously though some boards i frequent have a board that they call 'the pit' its where you you can go and the rule is there are no rules. Its a free for all and if you step in that section... well you chose to be there so too bad. Its not a bad Idea really.
As long as someone can CHOOSE to got there. The problem with the chit chat section is that it's on the main boards.


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