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January 11, 2013 11:58 AM
Was wondering if anyone else is running into inaccuarcies in the nutrition / calorie info. I put in a NAKED all natural pineapple mango + coconut water drink, and just happened to have it sitting right by the computer when I put it in. The "myfitnesspal"calorie counter says the bottle was 100 calories. On the container label it says a bottle is 190 calories. Just was wondering how accurate all the other entrees are, that I haven't checked?
January 11, 2013 10:32 PM
When picking a new food to put in my diary that I haven't used before, I check several entries before I decide on one. I look for how many confirmations the entry has as well as the sizes and variations it offers to find the most accurate fit. If they don't have the right size or type of measurement I need I just figure out how much I had in comparison to the serving size they list. Don't be afraid to use decimal points or do a little math. If all else fails, put it in your self so you know it is correct now and if you ever decide to have that food again.
January 12, 2013 7:12 AM
What does that mean when you write "I look for how many confirmations the entry has"? I don't see that and would like to.

I figure the calories are close enough. I been using MFP since since June of this year and dropped 45 pounds so it must be working! Mostly i focus on choosing foods that are REAL FOOD instead of processed in a box, bag, can, carton etc.... I figure its better if I just eat the ones on the perimeter of the grocery store so I don't need to read labels or count calories because they don't add up to much eating this way. But surely, as I been learning to eat this way, the calorie counts have been an invaluable asset to my commitment.

So glad to have MFP and the people who are so motivating to help keep me on track.
January 12, 2013 7:18 AM
When you FIRST are searching for a food (not if you're using a food from your most used / recent lists) and you pick a search result, when it moves to the right where you tell the system how many servings of a given size to add there is the search result name and right below the name it says the source - Member submitted and if the item has confirmations that the info shown is correct

Jimmy John's *Breakdown* - Bacon 5 Slice
(member submitted, 0 confirmations)
nutritional info

Grapes - Raw
(member submitted, 360 confirmations)
nutritional info

are two quick examples, it's just in fairly small text when actually looking at search results.


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