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TOPIC: Bold red text not appropriate when tracking Fiber, etc.

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January 10, 2013 6:05 PM
As bold red text is very eye-catching and connotes something very undesirable, it should be used sparingly in the user interface. When a user opts to track some neutral or positive nutrient such as Fiber, Calcium, vitamins, etc., whose toxicity level is either unknown or non-existent (for example, more fiber is generally a *good* thing in one's diet), and when the amount ingested exceeds the average daily requirement, the amount shouldn't be highlighted in red until and unless the amount approaches some proven unhealthy limit.

Conversely, ingesting less than the RDA for these nutrients should not result in the amounts being highlighted in bold green text. Rather those would be candidates to highlight in bold red.

Thank you.
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January 10, 2013 6:13 PM
my home > goals > change goals > custom
increase your fiber to some level that you are unlikely to ever reach (with a user input error you might exceed 84 grams say in one meal when they put the CARBS for the meal entirely under the fiber field)

Once it's past a point of likely able to reach it won't turn red.
January 11, 2013 7:26 PM
Thank you for pointing out the ability to customize goals. I updated mine to aim for more fiber, vitamin C, calcium and the results look slightly more believable (colored more appropriately) though it's not completely realistic. I'm not really trying to consume 250% the USRDA for vitamin C daily; I don't want to be rewarded by green text when I'm under that level, nor do I want to be penalized by red text when I'm over it.

To any developer who may read this: it would be less confusing and misleading if only Calories got color-coded red or green in the user interface. Anything tracked that isn't calories should just be presented in black on white. USRDA for these various nutrients doesn't match current nutrition research and it probably never will. It can be really confusing for people to know what to eat for greatest health and longevity with such confusing and inaccurate feedback from this otherwise very useful web site.

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