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February 10, 2010 12:19 PM
I rotate my excercise between the treadmill and Pilates, but i do not know how to put that info in to my excercise tracker. Can anyone help?

I do the ab strengthing and bun and thigh video.
February 10, 2010 12:43 PM
I just posted this site for the person who asked how many calories were burned during snow shoveling. I also throw in pilates to mix it up. I have the Crunch: Pick your spot pilates DVD. It's abs, buns, thighs, and then total body pilates. I also have a great pilates DVD, Power Zone; Mind, Body, and Soul from Denise Austin which combines standing pilates, yoga, and dance. This website is great because you can put in your exercise and weight and it will calculate the calories burned. This is the link for pilates. It might not be 100% accurate. You would probably need one of those heart rate monitors to get a better idea. I added Pilates as a cardio exercise. I don't think it matters really if you put it under cardio or strength. It just depends on you if you are trying to have an equal share of both types throughout the week. I don't so I just stuck it under strength. After I calculated on Spark People how many calories were burned I just added the exercise and put in the number of minutes the workout was and how many calories were burned. If you run the treadmill you can take the calculation off your treadmill or calculate it from the same website. Just change the exercise. If you are doing intervals like 10 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes pilates, and then back to the treadmill just put it in accordingly. I would say though that you would have to put each interval of running in separately though. If you run 30 minutes all out without stopping, you will burn more calories than you would if you burn 10 minutes, stop, and then run 10 minutes, stop, and then run 10 minutes. Just add it in as your exercise and then when you work out you will be able to choose it every time or make adjustments. So if you run more you can up the minutes and it will automatically adjust the cals. Anyway, hope this helps.


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