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November 14, 2012 10:29 AM
As a recent convert from Sparkpeople (come on, $3.99 for their android app?!), there's a lot to love about MFP, but the Reports are just so sad and useless. For the nutrition report on Sparkpeople, I can select any specific date range, and get line graphs of calories/fat/carbs/protein all on one page, with graphing by day, weekly average, or monthly average. Very useful and informative. Here I get a bar graph of calories for the last 7, 30, or 90 days.

On any web-based forum or in talking to trainers at my gym, MFP is ALWAYS the first site recommended for nutrition tracking. I've always stuck with Sparkpeople because I had so much data there. When I went to install their Android app on a new phone and realized they're charging $4 for such a mediocre app, I decided to give MFP a try. I'm flummoxed that a site with such poor reporting capabilities is consistently highly recommended. What am I missing?
November 14, 2012 10:46 AM
The MFP food database is what got me here (best one I've used) but their reporting is--to be generous--inadequate.

Their programming time seems to be spent primarily on mobile apps and bug fixes. They refuse to let members know what enhancements and features are being implemented, or when, on the theory that it gives them a "competitive advantage" to keep it secret so other sites won't copy them. Then they roll out changes without notice, frequently causing the site to "break" for certain groups of people based on browser, operating system version, ISP, etc. grumble

If you look through this forum, you'll see the same requests over, and over, and over, for improved reporting. The mobile apps, for instance, show all the tracked nutrient values on one (tiny) summary screen, but nowhere on the PC version is there a similar screen. Even the printable diary report leaves out the fat breakdown and the vitamins, and apparently can't be modified.

I still like it better than SparkPeople, though, so I stay.
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November 14, 2012 10:52 AM
I just joined and I noticed the reports section was pretty lame too. Yeah, Yeah, it's free but it really shoudl be updated to provide some information that you can really use. I'd love a bar line that I could see over time that showed more than one criteria at a time, like calories per day, exercise calories burned per day and total lbs weight, and days out from 1st day of mentral cycle so I can see the pattern of ups and downs easily to see how these things inter-relate. Maybe other new criteria too like "hours slept", "level of pain 1-10", level of daily stress 1-10" , "glasses of water I drank", "cups of green tea I drank (or any other user defined amount of food/drink/pills)". With all the criteria on one chart liike that it's easier to see how the different criteria may be inter-relating to each other so you can make adjustments.

My two cents,
November 14, 2012 10:54 AM
Thanks for the reply castlerobber. I do like the food database, however in combination with weak reporting and (apparently) non-responsive developers, I'm not sure it will be sufficient to keep me around. Sparkpeople's reporting (seeing the lines going down for calories/carbs!) has been very encouraging and motivational, and without that, it feels like all I'm doing is entering values in a database with no indication what they mean longterm. I really wanted to like MFP...

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